UFC color commentator Joe Rogan was in attendance with Dave Chappelle for the highly-anticipated third clash between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin.

This past Saturday, Canelo took on Golovkin in a trilogy bout at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The two had previously shared the boxing ring in two highly controversial outings that many believe could have gone either way.

Canelo came out firing from the start and largely dominated his foe for the starting seven to eight rounds. GGG got going in the later rounds but could not manage to keep up with Canelo’s blistering speed and output. Canelo put a decisive end to their rivalry by coming out on top with a unanimous decision.

Rogan was present for the historic event alongside fellow stand-up comedian Chappelle. He took to his popular podcast show, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” to share his thoughts on the fight and an interesting incident that led to him moving his seats.

“Chappelle and I were in the third row, which was amazing,” Rogan said via Middle Easy. “We were like, right there and then this guy comes over and says, ‘You guys have to move. These tickets are not yours.’ And Dave goes, ‘I’m Dave Chappelle. I’m not moving anywhere.’ Literally says it like that. He’s wearing sunglasses. He’s the coolest guy that’s ever lived.

“So the guy comes back and said, ‘These seats are actually for Travis Scott, but we want to put you on the ringside.’ Dave and I look at each other and we’re like, ‘Okay!’ They take up from the third row to the no row. It’s not even a row. You’re f*ckin’ right there dude. We’re sitting like where the officials sit. It was incredible. They were right there.

“It was really good and we saw, I think the last six rounds like that. Something like that, but it was a good fight. It was a really good fight.”

Rogan Was Impressed With Golovkin’s Performance

Rogan expressed his admiration for Canelo but acknowledged that he was impressed with Golovkin’s showing, considering he was competing at 40 years old.

“Canelo Alvarez is a bad motherf*****. Triple G tried to turn it on at the end, he just didn’t have enough to take the decision, but it was still a good fight. And you’ve got to realize that Triple G is 40 years old too. That’s so old for …read more

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UFC’s Joe Rogan Got a Surprise After Taking Travis Scott’s Seats at Canelo-GGG 3

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