Part two of the season finale of “The Bachelorette” was a whirlwind of drama, chaos and emotions. Among the numerous events that took place, one of the most volatile was the breakup between Rachel Recchia and her finance, Tino Franco.

During “After the Final Rose,” production was strongly leaning in favor of Recchia in the he-said/she-said battle.  At one point, host, Jesse Palmer awkwardly asked the studio audience to clap if they supported Recchia. A round of applause overtook the studio, but some audience members may have felt obligated to comply. Based on social media comments, at home, many viewers may have been shouting “no!” at their TVs.

Fans Had a Lot to Say About How the Breakup Was Handled

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Many fans have taken to social media to support Franco.  Although they do not agree that it’s okay to kiss another woman when in a committed relationship, many fans think Recchia was too hard on Franco. Some have even accused her of gaslighting him, both in the filmed breakup scene and the live reunion on stage.

One Twitter user wrote, “This is so hard to watch. He effed up (and is owning it and apologizing repeatedly) but she is gaslighting him so hard and clearly lured him to talk in person so she could play to the camera, not because she actually wanted to have a real conversation.”

Someone else expressed, “I think Rachel is gaslighting Tino. She is acting like she didn’t say that stuff and really trying hard to make Tino look worse. No excuse for cheating, but she is 100% trying to manipulate this situation.”

One viewer tweeted, “He tried to explain himself and apologized so many times and Rachel didn’t give him any time of the day, kept attacking him and tried to make herself look so triumphant. Tino isn’t the only one to blame for ruining their relationship.”

Another fan commented, “Convo makes no sense. Rachel is asking for context, Tino gives context, and Rachel dismisses his context. Tino was NOT right for doing what he did but either listen to his context or stop asking for it.”

“He literally took responsibility over and over again I was getting sick of him saying it. she just …read more



‘Bachelorette’ Fan Reactions to Rachel & Tino’s On-Screen Breakup are Surprising

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