Diana Lee.

Diana Lee, the CEO of Constellation, an adtech company, oversees a team of 125 employees.
She says that on an average day she receives and deletes 1,000 emails.
She said she can overcome the anxiety of missing a message because of her strong role in hiring.

This as-told-to essay is based on a conversation with Diana Lee, the CEO and cofounder of Constellation, a software-as-a-service marketing platform, who’s based in New York City. The following has been edited for length and clarity.

As the CEO and cofounder of a multimillion-dollar adtech company, I work with Fortune 500 clients in highly regulated industries including pharma, banking, and automotive — so I get a lot of emails.

On a typical day, I receive more than 1,200 emails. I’ll often delete 1,000 emails a day, mostly from sales representatives, vendors, and lenders.

I immediately delete any emails that aren’t addressed to me or don’t say ‘urgent’ or ‘timely’ in the subject line

I believe that if the subject or first line in the email body isn’t personalized, then it’s not worth my time or energy and is likely a mass spam message.

I’m on all client and internal aliases, which tend to contribute to a majority of my daily emails. When it comes to internal or client emails, if I’m not the only person on the chain, then I automatically delete them because I have confidence that my team will get back to the person. Anyone I’m in constant communication with knows to clarify in the subject line if they need my assistance or input on something.

If you want to get my attention, personalize the email and show how you’re going to benefit me

A ton of emails only focus on what they can do in general — but to have any value to me, it should be centered around what you can do for Constellation. Those are the types of emails that make me interested in learning more, and I forward to the right internal team member.

If the email is addressed to me and if I’m the only one on the chain, then I read through the email to determine if it’s something I need to handle or forward to the appropriate person. If I’m the only person on the chain, you can be assured you’re getting an immediate response.

One of the first things I do in the morning is scan my inbox for …read more

Source:: Business Insider


I delete 1,000 unread emails a day. Here’s how I weed through messages and got over the anxiety of missing an important one.

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