There’s a new rumor swirling in Kailyn Lowry’s inner circle and this time around it’s her ex-boyfriend, Chris Lopez, who’s peddling the conspiracy theory.

During the Down in the DMs segment of her “Baby Mamas No Drama” podcast, Lowry claimed that Lopez hinted 2-year-old Creed wasn’t his biological son. Lopez and Lowry have another son together, 5-year-old Lux.

The topic came up when Lowry’s ex-boyfriend, Jo Rivera, popped into her podcast. Rivera suggested that Lowry and his wife, Vee Torres Rivera — the co-host of “Baby Mamas No Drama — give free paternity tests to their listeners.

“You guys, you know, that’s actually a good giveaway thing. You guys can give away paternity tests,” Rivera said around the one-hour mark of the “Sex smells” episode.

If anyone was going to take a paternity test, Lowry wanted Lopez to be the first in line.

“Well, give one to Chris because he went on TikTok Live, and he said, ‘Creed doesn’t look like his brothers, but I take care of him anyway,’” Lowry said.

Torres seemed stunned by Lowry’s proclamation.

“Like, insinuating he’s not his?” she asked.

Lowry said, “yeah,” confirming that Lopez wasn’t sure if Creed was his biological son.

“But did you guys get a [paternity test]?” Torres wanted to know.

Apparently, Lowry and Lopez didn’t have a paternity test for Creed.

“First of all, the judge asked him did he want one, and he said, ‘No.’ So, he could be the first one on our list,” Lowry said.

She then made light of the situation by asking, “Can we partner with a DNA company?”

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Kailyn Lowry Claims Baby Daddy Doesn’t Believe Son Is His Child

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