Philadelphia Eagles star cornerback Darius Slay co-signed Shannon Sharpe’s takedown of former Packers, Vikings and Jets quarterback Brett Favre this week a few days before his dominant performance on Monday Night Football.

Slay retweeted the clip from Fox Sports’ “Skip & Shannon: Undisputed,” in which Sharpe referred to Favre as a “sorry mofo” for stealing “from the underserved,” in reference to the approximately $1.1 million Favre received for no-show speaking appearances, drawn from federal money intended to go toward in-need residents of Mississippi. Some of that money has been repaid. That’s all according to the Mississippi state auditor, as reported by The Associated Press.

Favre denied the accusations in a Facebook post on October 29, 2021.

The story emerged in the news again on September 14 due to the publication of text messages sent from Favre’s phone while arranging the payments. The messages came to light in a lawsuit the state of Mississippi filed against several defendants, including Favre, according to USA Today.

Sharpe went on to call out a racial double standard, citing the lack of criticism and attention Favre’s misdeeds have received in the public square and comparing that to the scrutiny that has followed former Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens for years.

Slay’s retweet added his own two cents, “Big damn facts…. T.O would’ve been called all type of s***.”

Big damn facts… T.O would’ve been called all type of shit.

— Darius Slay (@bigplay24slay) September 14, 2022


Favre not only received $1.1 million for no-show speeches, but also procured $5 million to go towards a new volleyball stadium at the University of Southern Mississippi, which benefitted the team his daughter played on.

“When black and brown people defraud the government, they’re hell-bent. You get an EBT card, you get WIC, or you get stuff like that, boy they’ll move heaven and earth to try to put you in jail for 400 little measly dollars,” Sharpe said. “Now this man done took a million dollars, and they’re sitting around going, ‘Well you know it happened, and we’ll see.’”

Sharpe didn’t pull any punches on Favre, going through his track record of scandals and controversies and concluding, “He’s been a sleazeball, he’s been shady, for a very very long time.”

Slay wasn’t afraid to use his platform on social media to highlight the issue, and his retweet drew mostly positive …read more



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