Season 23 of NBC’s “The Voice” may air more quickly than fans have expected. The 22nd season of the show is currently airing, but the coaches are set to be even busier next month.

In late September 2022, tickets to live tapings for “The Voice” Blind Auditions were released dated in mid-October. Filming for “The Voice” season 22 Blind Auditions wrapped up months ago, and generally, filming for a spring season of the series starts filming in October or November for a February premiere date.

That means it’s likely that “The Voice” is headed back to two seasons per year.

Currently, the taping schedule includes the dates October 13, 14, 15, and 16, and the description reads “The Voice – Season 23 Blind Auditions.”

All tapings will take place at Universal Studios in Hollywood, and the dates likely mean the Battle and Knockout Rounds will film in November and December.

What Coaches Will Join Season 23?

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There are still unknown variables about “The Voice” season 23, though announcements are likely to be made ahead of taping for the upcoming season. One thing seems pretty clear, however: John Legend will not be on the panel.

Legend has shows in Las Vegas on two of the four Blind Audition taping dates, and his wife, Chrissy Teigen, is pregnant. The couple would have a newborn throughout season 23, so it’s unlikely Legend will be on the panel.

Kelly Clarkson, however, will likely make her return, though it’s not confirmed. During an interview with Variety, however, it seems as though Clarkson almost slipped up to say she would be back for season 23.

“I definitely… Um, I probably will be back at ‘The Voice’ at some point,” she said, laughing awkwardly as if she just spilled the beans, according to Variety. “I might be back at ‘The Voice.’”

The only sure thing each season is that Blake Shelton will be on the coaching panel.

The rotating slate of coaches who could return includes Nick Jonas, Ariana Grande, Gwen Stefani, and Camila Cabello, though none have announced that they’d be joining the upcoming season at the time of writing. It’s also possible a coach new to “The Voice” will be brought in to fill Legend’s chair.

Stefani does not generally do two seasons …read more



‘The Voice’ Makes Major Schedule Change

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