At 1-1, there’s a long way to go for the Detroit Lions before the team can be called contenders for anything in 2022, but it’s clear the season is off to a solid start.

Detroit’s offense is flying high in spite of some early inconsistencies, and the defense has been strong and physical, getting after it up front. Some of these realities have folks who are believers in the team downright excited.

ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky is one of those folks. Orlovsky has watched the Lions through the first few weeks of the season, and seems more ready than ever to proclaim that the team can sustain momentum.

Speaking on First Take, Orlovsky wasted no time laying out the early reasons the Lions will be in the playoffs soon to Stephen A. Smith. As he said, the way the defense and offense complement each other is pretty inspiring to see.

“This defense leads the NFL in pressures, Aidan Hutchinson has been a huge addition. You got a defensive line that’s hunting quarterbacks,” Orlovsky explained. “Number two, I’m going to give you a number that’s outrageous after watching this run game. The average NFL yards per-carry out of everybody who’s run the football is 4.4. The Lions average 4.6 yards-per before getting touched. They’re averaging more yards before having a defender touch them than everybody else in the league. Yards per-carry, they’re averaging 7.2 yards per carry. That’s the third-highest number last 50 years and this run game is not going to change with D’Andre Swift and the big fellas.”

As Orlovsky said, the fact that the Lions have played well against their first two tough teams should only leave folks more optimistic.

This is not some ‘we played against trash defenses.’ They played against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 1 and and the Washington Commanders in Week 2, who are not a trash unit. The the fact that they are running the football that their defensive line is getting after quarterbacks (is encouraging),” he said.

Smith, of course, was more skeptical of the Lions’ hopes, saying it has been a long time since the team has done anything, so he isn’t going to be on the bandwagon just yet.

Regardless, Orlovsky’s opinion seems to be a prevailing one within the NFL community. Lots of folks are intrigued by the Lions and excited to see how high their star may climb in the coming months.

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Dan Orlovsky Reveals Reason Why Lions Will Make Playoffs This Year

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