The job of any NFL coach is to put their players in the best position to succeed. Some suggest Bill Belichick and Co. have failed at least one player in this area.

Have the New England Patriots put WR DeVante Parker in the best situations to show his worth? The Boston Herald’s Karen Guregian says no. Guregian calls the Patriots’ coaching staff out–specifically defacto offensive coordinator Matt Patricia–for not finding the right ways to implement the weapon the team traded to obtain this offseason.

“Over the course of the first two games, he’s been on the field for a majority of the offensive snaps,” Guregian explains. “And produced next to nothing. He’s had just one catch for nine yards on four targets. Lil’ Jordan Humphrey has as many catches. Making matters worse, two of Parker’s targets have resulted in Jones’ interceptions. So something has to change. Parker needs to get more involved, or ultimately have his snap count whittled down.”

Jones barely seems to look Parker’s way on most passing plays, and when he does, he’s only throwing him the ball in 50-50 situations. Since the two men don’t have much chemistry and arm strength isn’t one of Jones’ top qualities, these passes have been losing gambles for the Patriots.

“Play-caller Matt Patricia and the collective of coaches putting the offensive game plan together every week need to put Parker in better positions to succeed,” Guregian argued. ‘Forget the jump balls. Patricia needs to do a better job of scheming him open in the weeks to come, starting Sunday against the Ravens. That means having him run more quick slants, in-cuts, or short crossers. Just get him the ball, and see where it goes from there.”

The lack of route diversity makes Parker a much easier cover, especially when you consider he’s a bigger, more physical receiver who has never made his name by creating a ton of separation at the line of scrimmage. Parker is at his best, bullying his way into a position to put himself between his defender and the ball. Are those contested catch situations? Yes, but there are other ways to tap into this skill.

“While it was easy to see his contested-catch ability during the summer when observers noted he was the type of receiver the Patriots wanted N’Keal Harry to become, it behooves Patricia to dial up plays that put the ball in his …read more



Patriots Accused of Setting Disappointing WR Up For Failure

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