This past offseason, the New York Knicks failed in their pursuits to land themselves an already-made, top-flight talent when prized target Donovan Mitchell was ultimately dealt to the Cleveland Cavaliers on September 1.

Though many believed the guard to be the only realistic star-caliber pursuit for the franchise this year, the folks at Bleacher Report are under the impression that Leon Rose and company could put their hat into the ring for one more possible up-and-coming trade sweepstakes.

In a November 8 piece penned by the outlet, writer Grant Hughes discussed the recent rumor by sports analyst Bill Simmons that Los Angeles Lakers big man Anthony Davis “might be available” in trade talks and mentioned a few possible landing spots for the superstar should he wind up being dealt.

Of the four teams, the Knicks found themselves mentioned as being a realistic trade partner for LA, as Hughes went on to construct an exchange that, in his opinion, would help “upgrade” the team’s current starting rotation.

The proposed deal reads as follows:

New York Knicks receive:

Anthony Davis

Los Angeles Lakers receive:

RJ Barrett
Mitchell Robinson
Obi Toppin
Quentin Grimes
2023 first-round pick
2023 first-round pick (via DET, WAS, DAL)
2025 first-round pick (Via MIL)

Hughes would go on to argue that this move would “lend some legitimacy” to New York’s 18th-ranked defense and help unclog the lane on offense thanks to Davis’ “perimeter skills.”

However, right off the bat, it’s apparent that this proposal looks to be far too steep for the Knicks to even remotely consider.

Should The Knicks Consider?

Anthony Davis, though literally a top-75 player of all time, has looked like a shell of himself ever since signing his lucrative $189 million max contract back during the 2020 offseason.

Through three seasons into his max deal, the big man has struggled mightily to stay on the floor due to a myriad of injuries, playing in just 84 of a potential total of 164 games during this stretch.

On top of this, while his counting stats of 22.6 points, 9.1 rebounds, 3.0 assists, 1.3 steals, and 2.0 blocks per contest are certainly impressive, he has done so whilst shooting a mediocre 23.4% from distance which, contrary to Hughes’ belief, is undoubtedly not the type of “perimeter skills” that will help better space out this Knicks offense.

Though he has technically proven to still …read more



Blockbuster Trade Proposal Lands Knicks $189 Million Superstar

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