The Los Angeles Lakers can’t escape the media hyperbole after a horrendous 2-8 start to the new season.

Frankly, until the purple and gold start stringing wins together, they’re going to be the primary focus of the national media, because the world expects the Lakers to be competitive. Unfortunately for Los Angeles, it appears they will struggle unless they can figure out a trade to improve their fortunes.

According to Howard Beck, who was speaking on The Crossover Podcast, the Lakers are waiting for a specific player to become available – although no one outside of the organization knows who that player is.

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“I will add one thing without going into all the detail, but I was canvassing a bunch of front office folks last week when I was workshopping my idea of ‘Can the Nets tear down now? Should they just tear down now? What could they reasonably get for Kevin Durant? Could they get anything for Kyrie Irving? Could they get anything at all for Ben Simmons?’ And in those discussions, when I brought up the Lakers, the pushback I was getting was they’re waiting for a specific player.

That they’re not doing the Pacer deal, that they won’t do the Kyrie deal now that we for sure thought they would do a couple months ago, is an indication that the Lakers are waiting for a bigger piece to come loose that they think they can trade Westbrook and the two future firsts for,” Beck said during the episode.

In the NBA, there is always a disgruntled superstar around the corner, but given the lack of tradable assets at the Lakers’ disposal, it’s hard to envision them being in a position to acquire any such star throughout the current season.

Lakers Likely to ‘Resist’ Trading Future Picks

On November 8, The Athletic’s Shams Charania reported that the Lakers were unlikely to trade away their future draft picks if the team’s current poor form continues, regardless of what deals may become available.

Shams says the Lakers will resist trading first-round picks if the season continues to go down this path.

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Lakers Targeting ‘Mystery Player’ For Trade: Report

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