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The Packers’ Body Language Is Disappointing

Whether you’re the MVP or the PPL (p*** poor loser) on any given Sunday, how you act and the vibe you give off matters when talking about leadership in the NFL. As we have all seen, Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers talks the talk, but when it comes to walking the walk, he has let down his teammates in my opinion. 

It took me a whole three plays of tape review of the Packers-Lions game from Week 9 to see that this was a different Green Bay team than we have seen in the last two years under head coach Matt LaFleur. On play two, Packers WR Allen Lazard had something to say to somebody in a demonstrative way after not completing a catch on a crossing route that would have been a first down. On play three, Rodgers let his frustration show when a Lions defender reached around his preferred target and knocked the ball away. 

Three plays in, the Lions knew this was already a team that was pressing and on the ropes. This is new soil for a Green Bay club that has gone 13-3 in both 2020 and 2021. Welcome to how the rest of the league lives. I really think it’s important for them as a team to put all the negative body language behind them, be professional and handle their business. Both good and bad. Like pros, not babies. 

The pushback from some will be, “It’s an emotional sport” and “It’s okay to let it out.” I just am a believer that negativity shows a sign of weakness to your opponent and it also can drain your tank if it’s constant.

At any rate, the Packers need to up their body language game. I remember Mike Holmgren’s message to our 1999 Seattle Seahawks team on more than one occasion: Do not let your opponent see that you’re doubting yourself

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