(Reuters) – Ukrainian troops were greeted by joyous residents in the centre of Kherson on Friday after Russia abandoned the only regional capital it had captured since its invasion in February. 

  Russia said it had completed the pullout across the Dnipro River without losing a single soldier, but Ukrainians painted a picture of a chaotic retreat, with Russian troops ditching their uniforms or drowning while trying to escape. 

  Here is a timeline of key developments in Kherson region. 

  Feb. 24 – Russian armoured vehicles cross from Crimea into Kherson province as Moscow’s forces pound Ukrainian cities and towns on the first day of President Vladimir Putin’s “special military operation”. 

  March 2 – Russia’s defence ministry says the city of Kherson is under full Russian control. Russian troops are seen patrolling streets in the city centre. 

  March 5 – Several thousand protesters demonstrate in the city’s main square, chanting: “Kherson is Ukraine.” Protests by residents will continue on and off in coming days and weeks. 

  March 15 – Russia says its forces have taken full control of the Kherson region. 

  March 21 – Ukraine says Russian forces use stun grenades and gunfire to disperse pro-Kyiv protesters who have been demanding the removal of Russian-appointed Kherson regional governor Vladimir Saldo. Moscow denies targeting civilians. 

  May 25 – Putin offers fast-track Russian citizenship to residents of Kherson and the adjacent Zaporizhzhia region. 

  June 24 – A senior official in the Russian-installed administration of Kherson is killed in an apparent assassination. 

  July 10 – Ukraine urges civilians in the Kherson region to evacuate ahead of a planned counter-offensive by its forces. 

  July 20 – The Antonivskyi bridge – one of only two crossing points for Russian forces to territory they have occupied on the western bank of the Dnipro – is damaged by Ukrainian shelling. 

  July 27 – The Antonivskyi bridge is again hit by Ukrainian forces, this time using U.S.-supplied high mobility artillery rocket systems (HIMARS). 

  Sept 12 – Ukraine’s southern military command says its forces have recaptured some 500 square km (193 square miles) of territory in the Kherson region as part of a wider counter-offensive. 

  Sept 16 – Russian-backed officials say Ukrainian forces have bombarded government buildings in Kherson, killing three people and wounding 13 others. 

  Sept 23-27 – Russia stages what it says are referendums in four Ukrainian regions including Kherson on whether they wish to join Russia. Kyiv and the West condemn the votes as illegal. 

  Sept. 30 – Putin signs …read more

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Key developments in Ukraine’s Kherson region since invasion

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