Myles Garrett did not hold back following the Cleveland Browns‘ 39-17 blowout loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, questioning the direction of the team.

The Browns’ defense was gashed for 491 yards by the Dolphins, who got whatever they wanted through the air and on the ground. Garrett — who had two tackles in the loss —doesn’t feel like everyone is on the same page.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re ready to run through a wall if it’s in the wrong direction,” Garrett said after the game. “We really need to just focus in a little bit more and that’s where we’re going to get back to doing. We have that kind of energy when we’re ready to attack, but everybody’s gotta be focusing and going all in the right direction, all on the same page.”

The lopsided loss was especially painful because it looked like the team had turned a corner against the Bengals before the bye week. They held Cincinnati to just 229 yards in the 32-13 win.

“No one enjoys losing regardless [if you’re] coming off a win or another loss,” Garrett said. “A loss is a loss and it hurts all the same.”

Garrett, Clowney Ineffective Against Dolphins

The Browns can usually rely on the duo of Garrett and Clowney to impact the game but both powerful pass-rushers were ineffective against Miami, combining for just three tackles and no sacks. Garrett said there were multiple factors that led to their pass-rush being neutralized.

“I mean, a little bit of everything, throwing different looks, one-on-one, having [Tagovailoa] step up,” Garrett said. “I mean he was getting the ball out quick. Having the tight end there, having the chippers there, I mean, it wasn’t a big chip game, but it was a big, play action and moving the pocket with his passes, and so he wasn’t in the same spot a lot of the times and that led to him having a little bit more time getting the ball out. But when did feel pressure, he got it out when he could.”

The Browns put a lot of stock in slowing down the Dolphins’ two explosive pass-catchers, Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle. The duo combined for 110 yards on nine catches, which is a slow day by their standards. However, a bevy of other players stepped up for Miami, including running back Jeff Wilson Jr., …read more



Browns Star Myles Garrett Sounds Off After Blowout Loss to Dolphins

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