Find out how this technology can turn everyday professionals into superheroes.

Welcome to Dataville, a city that wants the best for its residents. Whether there’s a cyberattack or a heart attack, Microsoft Azure’s high-performance computing solutions and Intel’s processing speed empower Dataville’s citizens to thwart danger, protect themselves, and innovate to create a better city.  

Dataville fights financial threats

Many of the city’s residents trust Dataville Bank with their savings. When the bank’s security is under attack and it’s up against the clock fighting a tough new deadline, the bankers emerge as heroes. The bank has the technology to respond to market events in real time — and analyze multiple complex risk models simultaneously — so it can tackle any threat.

The accelerated pace of business, regulatory shifts, and sophisticated fraudsters make risk management even more complicated. But the cloud helps finance professionals analyze large amounts of data in a short amount of time, which has game-changing implications for the industry. Financial institutions can now create more accurate risk models, scale processes to run advanced analytics, and build modular technology systems. 

This cloud’s reporting and risk management power can benefit the entire city in making decisions that impact the lives of its residents. 

Dataville makes sustainable changes

When Dataville senses that one unscrupulous factory in town is polluting the air, it’s able to act quickly. Advanced data processing and modeling gives the city’s leaders the information they need to make sustainable changes to reduce climate change factors.

Cities around the world, including Dataville, are making changes to reduce the impact of climate change. Globally, governments and utilities companies are expected to spend up to $60 billion on energy efficiency technologies and investments by 2028.1 When governments and businesses have powerful data processing and modeling capabilities, they can make more impactful and sustainable changes that benefit the earth and citizens’ health.

Dataville provides better healthcare

When Dataville citizens have a health crisis, healthcare providers can save the day. But new developments in healthcare mean patients can have even better outcomes. The cloud has improved the ability to scale the compute power needed to process all of the data behind a genome and do molecular dynamics, clinical trial simulation, and medical imaging. Patients can now avoid surgery and researchers can find new treatments. 

By 2025, it’s expected that 400 exabytes will be needed to store genomic data, and 100 million genomes will be sequenced.2 With the advancements in genomics and …read more

Source:: Business Insider


High-performance computing saves the day

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