United Airlines Flight # 1 a Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft from Houston, Texas, taxis to the gate after landing at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport Monday, May 20, 2013.

United Airlines confirmed an incident with a disruptive passenger occurred in Chicago on Sunday.
A video posted to TikTok showed a woman with a baby telling a flight attendant: “I will kill you.”
Chicago Police responded to the incident and the FBI is investigating.

A woman carrying a baby on a red-eye flight from San Francisco to Chicago early Sunday morning was captured on video confronting a flight attendant and threatening to kill her.

The video, which has gone viral on TikTok, shows the woman in a physical confrontation with a flight attendant while holding a child on her hip. It’s unclear what preceded the video, but the woman can be heard saying: “I will kill you. I will fucking kill you.”

The flight attendant keeps saying “ma’am” and another one tells the woman she needs to take her seat, but the woman continues to push herself down the aisle.

@emily_jeannn Just had an interesting flight home. #united #candycrush10 #sanfrancisco #chicago ♬ original sound – Emily

The person who posted the video, another passenger on United Airlines flight 476, gave more details in a follow-up video. She said earlier in the flight the woman was yelling “gibberish” and that “Jesus Christ our savior was going to save us.” When the flight was preparing to land, the woman got out of her seat and refused the flight attendants’ requests for her to sit, the passenger added, saying that’s when she started recording.

United Airlines confirmed a disruption had occurred in a statement provided to Insider: “A disruptive customer on a flight from San Francisco to Chicago was removed by law enforcement upon landing on Sunday, and one member of the flight attendant crew was taken to a hospital for evaluation. We’re grateful to our crew for handling this difficult situation with professionalism and for putting the safety of our team and our customers first.”

A spokesperson for the Chicago Police Department also confirmed to Insider that officers responded to a gate at O’Hare Airport around 6 a.m. local time on Sunday. Officer Steve Rusanov said three people were transported to …read more

Source:: Business Insider


Video shows a woman on a red-eye flight holding a baby while threatening to kill a United Airlines flight attendant

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