A copy of former Vice President Mike Pence’s book is pictured in Salt Lake City on Monday, Nov. 14, 2022.

Scott G Winterton, Deseret News

In a new memoir titled “So Help Me God,” released Tuesday, former Vice President Mike Pence reflects on his decision to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election and how he felt during the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol Building. 

He also shares insights into Trump’s decision not to nominate Utah Republican Sen. Mitt Romney as secretary of state after their now-infamous meeting over dinner, and describes his relationship with former Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake. The two became close friends during their years together in Congress. Pence also relates what he did in Salt Lake City to help calm his nerves before his 2020 debate with Vice President Kamala Harris. 

Any criticism Pence makes of Trump in the book is muted, perhaps because he still hopes to captures some of the pro-Trump vote if he decides to run for president in 2024. Much of the memoir is dedicated to Pence’s religious faith and how it informed his public service.

Pence opens his memoir by saying, “I had always been loyal to President Donald Trump … but today things had to be different.” He was referring to his decision to defy Trump and preside over the certification of the 2020 presidential election, which he and Trump had just lost to the Biden-Harris ticket.

Pence writes that he told Trump that his oath to uphold the Constitution took precedence over their friendship and political ambitions. Above all, his belief in his duty to God and country, Pence says, “reminded me that you ‘keep your oath, even when it hurts.’”

In his book, Pence describes the Secret Service hurriedly rushing him off the Senate floor as rioters stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021. His refusal to abandon the building left him, his staff and security detail no choice but to huddle in the Capitol’s garage. Some rioters ransacked the Capitol and were reportedly chanting, “Hang Mike Pence!”

A few days later, Pence writes, he met with Trump in the Oval Office. He says he noticed a hint of regret and said the president seemed fatigued. “How are …read more

Source:: Deseret News – Utah News


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