DEAR MISS MANNERS: I hosted overnight guests prior to us all leaving the next morning on a five-day trip. Prior to leaving, I emptied the kitchen trash can and put the bag in the large bin in my garage. I was very particular as to what I threw away so that my garbage can would not smell upon my return.

Unbeknownst to me, my guest put adult diapers in my garage trash bin. No bag … they just threw them in!

Upon returning home, there was a horrible smell emitting from the can. My entire garage stunk! It took lots of scrubbing to get rid of the odor and mess.

While I would never say anything to my guest, I am wondering: What is the proper etiquette for disposal of such items? Should the homeowner be advised about this biohazard waste?

GENTLE READER: When disposing of more-than-usually unpleasant garbage, guests are required both to make some effort at containment before disposal and to consult with the host about further steps.

Miss Manners will not attempt to specify what items do or do not fall into this category, and, for similar reasons, recommends that the above-mentioned consultation not be made across the dinner table — and not include props, no matter how illustrative.

DEAR MISS MANNERS: Is it rude to correct other people’s pronunciation, aside from someone’s name?

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My 14-year-old stepdaughter likes to correct others’ pronunciations, including mine, to match her own white, Midwestern dialect. She also likes to mock pronunciations that are …read more

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Miss Manners: I came home to a horrible stink, and I know who’s to blame

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