The holiday season has arrived, and HGTV’s Ben and Erin Napier are here to help turn hosting for the holidays from stressful and scary to relaxing and rewarding. The “Home Town” hosts are everywhere lately, from their HGTV showsm, to their discovery+ Christmas movie, to presenting at the CMA Awards.

Now, the two are celebrating being on the cover of People magazine, and have stopped by “The Today Show” to talk about all of these things, and share some holiday hosting tips with hosts Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager.

See their full “Today Show” appearance below, and read what furniture hacks the hosts have to share.

Ben & Erin Napier Recommend Using a Church Pew For Extra Seating

Ben and Erin Napier joined Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager on “The Today Show” to share tips and hacks for hosting large family parties around the holidays. Their first tip had to do with seating, after Kotb and Hager talked about having to squeeze chairs in “everywhere” in their New York City apartments around Thanksgiving, including outdoor folding chairs.

“Our family get-togethers, my side of the family especially, is huge,” Ben tells the “Today” hosts. Erin adds that there are a lot of little kids running around when they all get together. “So this is something we like to do, it’s an easy cheat. This is a banquette,” Ben continues on, showing Kotb and Hager a banquette (bench) built into the wall along a dining table in their home, with another bench on set for the “Today” hosts to try out.

Ben and Erin note that a banquette is good for squeezing lots of people in, especially kids. They are also good for hidden storage, the couple says, as they can be built to open from the top.

The Napiers note that one does not have to be a design expert to build a banquette, as businesses do sell pre-fabricated banquettes that can be easily installed in the home. Ben adds, “or you can go to a thrift store and get an old church pew or something,” and that it doesn’t need to be installed into the wall.

The Napiers also show Kotb and Hager how to easily re-upholster a chair, telling the two that they can either staple the new upholstery down permanently, or just add a holiday-themed fabric for the season and remove it once …read more



Ben & Erin Napier Have Holiday Hosting Hacks for Hoda & Jenna on ‘Today’

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