Some fans of NBC’sThe Voice” are calling the show unfair after the first results show of the season.

The show featured the Instant Save, which calls on viewers to vote for one of four contestants to move forward in the competition over a span of around five minutes.

Because the show airs at different times on the east coast and west coast, west coast viewers are not able to participate in the save process unless they vote without seeing the performances. This has been the process in the past as well, as the show airs the live shows asynchronously across the country.

Some Fans Think the Instant Save Is Unfair

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Many fans called out the Instant Save process as an unfair or unbalanced part of the show.

“Hey so not able to votre on the west coast not happy wanted to save your person. Need to correct so west coast can vote 3 hours later. Unfair,” one person tweeted.

Another person wrote, “I just watched tonight’s show and I’m in Pacific Time so I vote the Instant Save without seeing the performances (not fair) I WANT TO CHANGE MY VOTE TO KEVIN!!! I know it’s too late but just had to let you know.”

Some people “hate” the process.

“@blakeshelton #TheVoice I hate the instant save. Live not everyone in the same time zone,” one tweet reads.

Some people noticed that Shelton seemed to use sending his contestant, country singer Bryce Leatherwood, to the Instant Save strategically.

“I think he knew there was a really good chance that Bryce would get chosen to get saved,” a Reddit post reads.

One person, however, disagreed, “Bryce was the worst out of the 4. It was bulls***. It’s just 50 year-old moms voting for Blake’s team no matter what. Lol, I think he sacrificed him because he isn’t that good and he already had two guys on his team and you know how much he loves teenage girls.”

All Viewers Can Vote During the Overnight Vote

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“The Voice” viewers all have a fair shot at voting during Monday night episodes, which …read more



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