Subject: Googlers make memes to deal with anxiety

Hello, and welcome to Thursday. This is Matt Weinberger, filling in once again for Jordan Erb. Did you know that the word “Thursday” is derived from “Thor’s Day” in Old English? That’s all the excuse I need, personally, to spend even more time with “God of War Ragnarok.” That’s not an ad, I’m just a big fan. 

A dark cloud continues to hang over the tech sector: Elon Musk is cleaning house at Twitter of internal critics, Amazon employees are said to be cracking jokes as they process this week’s job cuts, and Googlers are making memes to cope with the anxiety that they could be next for layoffs. Meanwhile, former Yahoo CEO and one-time Google exec Marissa Mayer is sounding the alarm bell that the web itself could be degrading in quality. 

Normally, this is where I’d say something like “it’s not all doom and gloom,” but…it kind of is, lately. Sorry.

There’s much to discuss, so let’s go.

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1. Google employees meme past the graveyard. Google’s parent company Alphabet has so far stayed out of the conversation around cost-cutting in big tech. Don’t expect that to last forever.

Pretty much every single one of Google’s peers has conducted sweeping layoffs in recent weeks. Googlers are expecting that at this point, it’s a question of when the axe will fall, not if, Insider reports.
Insider’s Rosalie Chan and Hugh Langley have the exclusive look at the memes that Googlers are sharing with each other internally to cope with the anxiety. Come for “The Office” memes, stay for the “Squid Game” reference.

Earlier this week, activist investor TCI urged Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai to get costs under control. In particular, TCI says that Alphabet has too many employees who are paid too much. And a Wall Street analyst warned on Wednesday that layoffs are practically unavoidable at this point.

about the anxiety at Google here.

In Other News: 

Elon Musk.

2. Elon cleans house. Elon Musk fired as many as two dozen Twitter employees this week who had criticized his leadership style. Now, Twitter employees are deleting internal Slack messages they fear Musk won’t like, so as to avoid his wrath. A Twitter exec went so far as to warn employees to use Slack “wisely.”

3. Marissa Mayer …read more

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Googlers are making memes to deal with the looming threat of job cuts

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