You don’t have to let unwanted replies sit beneath your tweets.

You can’t delete replies to your tweets, but you can hide them so unwanted tweets don’t clutter your posts or threads.
To hide a reply on Twitter, select the three-dot menu beside it and choose Hide reply.
To view or unhide replies, select the dotted square icon at the bottom of the original tweet.

As any long-time Twitter user knows, the social media service can be an unforgiving place, filled with users who are sometimes rude, offensive, or prone to posting inappropriate messages and spam. And while you can’t outright delete unwanted replies to your tweets, you can hide them.

Hidden replies are removed from the conversation, but you (and anyone else) can still view them with an extra tap or two. Here’s what you need to know to hide, view, and unhide replies on Twitter.

How to hide a reply in Twitter 

No matter where you want to hide a tweet – from the Twitter website, in the mobile app for iOS or on Android – the process is essentially identical. Start by opening the Twitter website and logging in, if needed, or start the Twitter app on your phone. 

1. Select the tweet that has the unwanted reply. 

2. Find the reply you want to hide and select the three-dot menu to the right. 

3. In the pop-up menu, choose Hide reply.

You can easily hide a reply to one of your tweets using the nearby menu.

If this is your first time hiding a tweet, Twitter will display a page explaining how the feature works. You’ll also see an option to block the user. This is optional; if you want to block the individual so they can longer see your tweets or respond to them, tap Yes, block. Otherwise tap No.

How to view a hidden reply in Twitter 

Even hidden tweets can be viewed — they’re not deleted, just shunted out of the way so they don’t interfere with the other replies. Hidden replies can be viewed whether you hid them from your own conversation or if you are viewing someone else’s tweets. 

1. Open the Twitter website and log in or start the Twitter app on your phone.

2. Find a tweet with hidden replies and tap or click it. 

3. Tap or click the dotted square at the bottom right of the original tweet, just above the replies. 

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Source:: Business Insider


How to use the ‘hidden replies’ feature on Twitter to conceal unwanted comments under your tweets

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