It’s been a wild season for the Detroit Lions in terms of injuries, especially on the offensive side of the ball. Once again, the team isn’t getting consistent results from multiple injured players.

No spot has been more bitten by the injury bug than wide receiver. Detroit has lost DJ Chark, and was forced to go without Amon-Ra St. Brown for stretches. The Lions haven’t had access to Jameson Williams yet, though that is coming soon. Add it up and some underrated names have had to make plays.

According to Jared Goff, though, that’s just the nature of the game for the Lions, and something that the team expects. Speaking to the media on Wednesday, November 16, Goff was asked about his team’s struggles, and as he said, it’s a fact of life players will step up.

“Yeah, guys step up. I think I might have mentioned it last week, but I’m kind of used to that at this point, you know? We’ve had a lot of guys kind of in and out of the lineup and you kind of stop asking who’s up this week. You just kind of get used to whoever’s going to be in there will be ready and fill in,” he said. “You saw Tom Kennedy last week do a good job making a big play there at the end, so we have confidence in those guys. To be honest, whatever happens happens. I’m somewhat used to there being kind of a shuffled deck.”

Back in 2021, the Lions had players in and out on offense. That helped Goff gain confidence in not only the players, but his own response for those times on the field.

“Last year we had those moments where we had to have those guys fill in and again, I’ve had a lot of reps with those guys so there’s some continuity there,” Goff said.

With that experience comes faith, and if the Lions have to rely on their underrated weapons more, Goff will be right there to continue to help the team figure things out in the meantime.

Don’t count on the Detroit offense taking many steps back as a result of this in the future. Goff is going to ensure that remains the case.

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