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Windfall tax will
pump up gas price

So our beloved state leaders are thinking about levying a windfall tax on oil companies (“California might levy a new tax on oil companies. Here’s what to know,” Page B1, Nov. 9). Who do they think will actually be paying this windfall tax?

Yes, the oil companies will write the check, however just like the current carbon tax already being paid by the oil companies that translates to approximately $0.20 per gallon, the consumer pays this tax with every gallon of fuel we purchase.

This proposed windfall tax will just add to the cost of fuel that we all pay.

Conrad Schapira

Signature validation
is meant to limit vote

The idea that signature validation is a credible measure to prevent voter fraud is in itself a fraud. Whose signature looks like the one they provided on the day they registered to vote? My signature 50 years ago looks nothing like it does today. Add to it circumstances like injury, disease and natural changes due to age, who is to say it is not lawful?

The validation of signatures is a solution looking for a problem. It is a conspiracy promoted by the worst of those seeking to serve. Their purpose is to spread distrust and fear. I hope we can see through this vile effort as the most egregious violation of our constitutional right – our precious freedom to vote.

Mark Grzan
Morgan Hill

Better management
key to improving police

If police were a private business, the frequency of costly injuries to the public would be viewed as a management problem, not an employee problem.

As Randy Cruz points out in his Nov. 13 letter (“Real reform needed to weed out bad cops,” Page A16), police need better training. Management also needs to improve hiring and performance management practices. Requiring college degrees would also facilitate the skills needed to deal with today’s complex policing needs. We should all be willing to pay more for this improved critical resource.

Jeffrey Watt
San Jose

Schools shouldn’t fear
teaching hard truths

Remembering my own experience growing up here, I feel that adults failed to teach us enough about morality during our most malleable years.

There’s so much proof of schools failing to be safe spaces, where kids learn to understand others and themselves. We’re afraid to talk about racism with children, wanting to keep them innocent or denying their …read more

Source:: The Mercury News


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