President Joe Biden.

The US’s oldest president turns 80 on Sunday, becoming the first octogenarian in the Oval Office.
Biden allies say his demonstrated ability to defeat Trump can’t be overlooked.
But polls show many Americans are looking for different — and younger — leadership.

As his contemporaries in the House pass the torch to a new generation of Democratic leaders, President Joe Biden faces a monumental decision on whether to do the same or to press on in 2024, all while his “predecessor” and nemesis just won’t go away.

Biden, the US’s oldest president, turns 80 on Sunday, making him also the first octogenarian in office. He will undoubtedly enjoy moments with family during a brunch his wife Jill will host, a day after his granddaughter is married on the White House South Lawn. 

But the president and first lady will soon begin discussing his next steps in earnest, just as polls indicate many Americans are looking for different — and younger — leadership.

Over Biden’s objections, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 82, announced on Thursday that she would not seek reelection to Democratic leadership next Congress because “the hour has come for a new generation.”

Biden has spent a half-century in federal politics and public life, but the hour may not be at hand for him, for reasons that include the former president and now 2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“He knows he can beat Trump,” Jim Moran, a former Democratic House member from Virginia, told Insider. “As long as Trump remains a viable Republican candidate, Joe wants to be there representing the values not just of the Democratic Party but of the broad working class of America who don’t easily relate to what they feel are the too liberal, too woke urban elitists in the big cities.”

If Biden had a sense that the Republican electorate was moving away from Trump toward a different candidate, “that might conceivably influence Joe’s decision,” he said.

When confronted with questions about his age, Biden likes to say “watch me.”

“Somebody said my birthday is coming up, and I said, ‘No, that must be somebody else,'” he joked at a political rally this month in New York.

Biden also said on the Willie Moore Jr. Show that he “can’t even say that number, 80.”

“I’m serious,” he said. “I no more feel that than I’d … get out from behind this desk and fly.”

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Source:: Business Insider


Joe Biden, who turns 80 on Sunday, may struggle to win voters concerned about his age in 2024. But he’s also the ‘guy who knows how to beat Donald Trump.’

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