A gust of wind and frenzy of snow diminishes my sightline, simultaneously whirling my hair into a tornado of blond. Having neglected to zip up my jacket, it’s now a billowing balloon that my tween-daughter Brooklyn deftly dodges, trudging alongside me in search of refuge. “There it is,” she shouts, pushing through the unassuming entryway, seething, “I thought Arizona was supposed to be hot!” Dabbing a river of mascara, I’m formulating a calming response when the sunny toque-wearing gal working the counter at Diablo Burger cheerily chimes, “Oh, not in November; we get all four seasons up here in Flagstaff.” Well, that’s a hard lesson learned – our mother-daughter road trip is off to an excellent start. Read More
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Finding family fun in Flagstaff: Canyons, craters and outer space

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