President Joe Biden made a brief stop at the UN climate summit in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

Fossil-fuel interests are fighting for natural gas at the United Nations’ COP27 climate summit.
They say natural gas is a transition fuel, cleaner than coal, and can serve as a backup to renewables.
But natural gas is mostly methane — a greenhouse gas 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide — and it leaks.

SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt – World leaders hashing out critical climate issues at the United Nations’ summit in Egypt have company: 636 fossil-fuel lobbyists are among the attendees.

The lobbyists’ presence worries experts, because their business interests often stand in opposition to the summit’s goal of reducing climate change-causing greenhouse gases, while still providing the world with power.

The fossil fuel industry has more representatives at the conference than any single nation, except the United Arab Emirates, according to a report from Global Witness, and more representatives than the sum of the 10 countries most affected by climate change.

Identifying how much power these lobbyists have in negotiations is tricky. One-third of the fossil fuel lobbyists Global Witness identified are registered as part of national delegations, according to Dominic Kavakeb, a spokesperson for Global Witness. That makes it tough to tell whose interests they support.  

“What we do know is that through national delegations they enjoy privileged access and that they represent an industry that has a financial interest in the continued burning of fossil fuels,” Kavakeb told Insider.

“For a summit on protecting the climate, this is a recipe for disaster,” Kavakeb added.

Many of those lobbyists are pushing for the expansion of natural gas — a fuel source that increases the methane emissions global leaders pledged to cut at the last climate summit, in Glasgow, Scotland. Fossil fuel influence threatens to undermine progress on one of the most powerful, immediate climate solutions: ending human methane emissions.

Pizza baked in a traditional Italian pizza oven fired with natural gas, at a restaurant in Bonn, Germany.

Toby Rice, CEO of EQT, which is the largest natural-gas producer in the US, told Insider he’s at this year’s conference, COP27, to promote his own climate solution: producing natural gas in the US and exporting it to foreign nations that rely on coal. He argues that natural gas is more reliable, and can be a “backup” or “transition” fuel alongside renewables.

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Source:: Business Insider


Fossil-fuel companies have more people at the UN’s climate summit than the 10 countries most affected by climate change do combined

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