DEAR HARRIETTE: I’ve had my current job for about three weeks. It isn’t exactly my dream job, but I’ve enjoyed it so far.

There is a huge chance that I’ll be leaving soon for a new opportunity that just presented itself to me.

At a company party, my current co-workers were telling me all about how much they like me and how much easier I’ve made their lives since I’ve been there. Do you think that they will feel betrayed when I leave? I was hoping to maintain friendships with them even after I move on.

New Job

DEAR NEW JOB: Stay in the present moment for now. Enjoy your colleagues and continue to bond with them. Do not let on that you may be leaving. Until that happens, it is just an idea. Savor the moments you have with these new friends. Do your best at your job and at cultivating these relationships.

When the time comes for you to leave, make sure your new friends know how much you value getting to know them, and express that you hope to stay close to them after you go.

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I remember my first job out of college, which I actually hated. The one bonus was that I made a friend for life. I believe I was meant to be there to meet this woman. That may be true for you and this group of people.

On another note, why are you leaving so soon? Being on a job for three weeks is not necessarily enough time to give …read more

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Harriette Cole: Will my co-workers feel betrayed when they hear I’m leaving?

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