A pair of Off-White Air Jordan 1 Chicagos.

Nike on Saturday will release the Air Jordan 1 Chicago “Lost and Found”
Some collectors consider it the “most iconic sneaker of all time.”
Here’s how Nike kept the Jordan 1 relevant for nearly four decades. 

Michael Jordan first wore the Air Jordan 1 nearly four decades ago, an eternity in the fast-moving world of sneakers and fashion.

On Saturday, Nike will re-release the shoe in its infamous Chicago Bulls colors. And even though Nike is releasing a reported 500,000 pairs, it will likely sell out in minutes. 

“The Air Jordan 1 is the most iconic sneaker of all time,” said Jordan Geller, a sneaker collector and former owner of the ShoeZeum who in 2020 sold a pair worn by Jordan for a record $560,000. “The white, black, and red shoes are instantly recognizable and are a part of American pop culture.”

Shoe collectors, analysts, and industry watchers said the sneaker’s rich backstory, Nike’s ability to manage scarcity, recent blockbuster collaborations, and “The Last Dance” documentary have kept the sneaker atop the wishlist for sneakerheads. 

More than a third of trades since October 1 on Tradeblock, an app that lets collectors trade sneakers, have included a Jordan 1. The closets of Tradeblock members contain more than 250,000 pairs of Jordan 1s, according to the company. 

On eBay, sneaker collectors this year searched for Jordan 1s, on average, over 100,000 times a day, an 11% increase over 2021.

The “Lost and Found” is already on track to also be one of the year’s best-selling Jordan 1s on StockX, even though demand is softening for some non-original colors of the sneaker.

The silhouette was “essentially a lock to sell out in any colorway in 2019, 2020, and early 2021,” said Dylan Dittrich, head of research at Altan Insights and author of the book “Sneakonomic Growth,” which tracks the growth of sneakers as an asset class. 

“That’s been less the case this year, as several releases no longer sell through with immediacy, and some secondary market prices reflect softness.”

The Air Jordan 1 Chicago “Lost and Found” colorway will prove to be different. 

“The demand for the Chicago colorway on a Jordan 1 will always remain for some because it’s a true grail pair that surpasses all others,” said TJ Keasal, a sneaker and sportswear digital creator.

A vintage 1985 Air Jordan 1 Chicago in the Rares’ collection.

Source:: Business Insider


How Nike’s Air Jordan 1 became — and remained — the most prized lifestyle sneaker

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