The stakes are incredibly high on Sunday between the New York Jets and the New England Patriots.

It is the game that will have the largest impact in terms of playoff implications of any contest this weekend. However, there is a lot more at stake than just two teams fighting for the postseason.

Julian Edelman, Brandon Marshall Make Crazy Jets-Patriots Bet

On the Inside the NFL television show longtime former Patriots star Julian Edelman made a bet with former Jets Pro Bowler Brandon Marshall.

They both serve as analysts on the program and were discussing the rivalry and game on Sunday.

Marshall made it a simple wager: if Gang Green wins then Edelman has to get the logo of the Jets tattooed on him. However, if New England wins then Marshall must get the logo of the Patriots tattooed on him.

In response to that bet, Edelman replied, “Patriots all day.”

“It’s in Foxborough. There’s one way. There’s one way out,” Edelman said via Boston dot com. “You know [Route 1], Titletown and you see ‘Foxborough,’ the sign? Ray [Lewis], you’ve been on that lonely drive a couple of times. It’s one way in and it’s one way out. The Jets ain’t going out with the win. Pats all day long.”


The reason why Marshall was willing to make this bet is because of the tainted history between these two division rivals:

“We still feel some type of way about Bill Belichick having that press conference and leaving the Jets,” Marshall replied to Edelman via Boston dot com. “This is personal. This is serious. … I want [the tattoo] right there on his neck, right there, just a nice little Jet right there.”

Marshall spent two years on the Jets highlighted by his Pro Bowl season in 2015. While Edelman spent his entire 11-year NFL career with the Patriots winning three Super Bowl championships during that run.


This is a developing story and we’ll provide new details as they become available.

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Patriots Legend, Jets Pro Bowler Make Insane Bet Ahead of Game

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