The Las Vegas Raiders made the playoffs last year but that turned out to be lightning in the bottle. Despite adding Davante Adams and Chandler Jones in the offseason, the team has somehow gotten significantly worse. They are 2-7 and have so many holes on the roster that it’s fair to question if they need to make some sweeping changes.

Quarterback Derek Carr’s future with the team has already become a talking point in recent years. The Raiders gave him a three-year contract extension in the offseason but owner Mark Davis may want to make a change. He’s been the starter for nine years now and has only been to the playoffs twice. It could be time for Las Vegas and Carr to have fresh starts. The Raiders are on pace to have a top-five draft pick, which would put them in line to draft a top quarterback.

If that’s the plan, there could be a number of teams very interested in trading for the quarterback. The Athletic’s Robert Mays and Nate Tice were discussing the Washington Commanders and believe they could be interested in Carr.

“The Las Vegas Raiders right now are slated to pick in the top three,” Mays said on “The Athletic Football Show.” “It might be time for them to figure out the next stage in their franchise. … If you’re Washington and you have that $45 million in cap space, and you can fit some version of his contract in there. …  I give you my 17th pick and a third-rounder for Derek Carr.”

“I think both teams say yes, don’t they?” replied Tice.

Would Carr Waive No-Trade Clause for Washington?

When discussing possible Carr trades, it’s important to note that he does have a no-trade clause in his contract. He would have to approve of a trade if the Raiders tried to make one. Carr has said in the past that he would rather retire than play for another team. Las Vegas hasn’t seriously shopped him on the trade market so they haven’t called his bluff.

The Commanders could be interesting to Carr if he’s willing to play elsewhere. Former Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio is currently the defensive coordinator in Washington. He has a good relationship with Carr and the two had success together. Head coach Ron Rivera is one of the most respected men in the NFL, …read more



Proposed Trade Has Raiders Send Derek Carr to NFC: ‘I Think Both Teams Say Yes’

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