It’s flashbacks of 2017 for one prominent past cornerstone on the Los Angeles Rams.

Robert Woods is now entering his second season in the AFC South, but this time with the Houston Texans. The wide receiver, once on a $65 million deal in L.A. and was beloved inside the Rams’ locker room for his leadership and selfless play, is also heading to a place with a brand new coaching staff spearheaded by DeMeco Ryans and high draft pick at quarterback in C.J. Stroud.

However, in a conversation he had with Houston media following the Texans’ Friday, May 26 OTAs session, Woods likes what he’s ran into in “H-Town” — which reminds him of his early time with the Rams the moment they hired Sean McVay and introduced a new regime.

“I think [it’s] a lot of hungry players, hungry coaches,” Woods said of the Texans. “I feel like this is a similar situation to when I came to L.A. with a young McVay. Some say it was a rebuild. I feel like it was just a team buying into your coach, believing in the coach, believing in the system, and I think Coach Ryans has that here. Got a lot of young players buying into this defense, into this culture, and we can change this environment.”

Woods Spoke Highly of the Texans Before

It’s not the first time “Bobby Trees” has spoken highly of the Texans, despite the franchise’s current string of struggles.

Woods was on the opposite sideline when the Rams trounced the Texans 38-22 on Halloween 2021, also in Woods’ final season with the Rams before being traded to the Tennessee Titans. Woods, though, saw a Houston team that was competitive for four quarters.

“Those guys over there had every reason to call it a day after we went up big on them, but they didn’t,” said Woods after the victory at NRG Stadium. “They kept competing, and when you see that as a player, you know what they are going through. You know that they are fighting for pride and dignity. If they keep that attitude during the rough times, they will be OK in the future.”

Turns out nearly two years after that meeting, Woods is officially a part of the future plans for the Texans new remodel.

Woods, 31, will be one of the elder wideouts in the room. He’s …read more



Ex-$65 Million Rams Star Sees L.A. Flashbacks at Newest Place

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