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SafeAuto is geared towards high-risk or non-standard drivers who might struggle to find affordable auto insurance rates elsewhere. It does not provide competitive rates for drivers with longer histories and minimal violations.

SafeAuto Auto Insurance – Product Name Only car insurance is an insurance provider that offers non-standard coverage geared toward high-risk drivers who may have trouble getting affordable auto insurance coverage. If you’ve been charged with a DUI or have multiple accidents or speeding tickets tarnishing your driving record, this specialty company can provide affordable options. If you need SR-22 filings taken care of, SafeAuto provides that service and liability coverage to meet state standards.

You can navigate the SafeAuto website in both English and Spanish. Once you get coverage, a mobile app makes account access easier.

SafeAuto has been around since 1993 and, as recently as 2021, was acquired by Allstate’s subsidiary National General. While SafeAuto is different in that it offers non-standard coverage and fills a significant coverage gap, it’s only available to drivers in some states. To learn more, read our SafeAuto car insurance review about coverage options, affordability, and more.

Types of Car Insurance Plans from SafeAuto

Through SafeAuto car insurance, you can get similar coverage compared to many big auto insurers. However, the main difference is that these plans may target high-risk drivers with blemishes on their driving records. Due to that, premiums may cost more as well.

SafeAuto car insurance plans include:

Liability insurance: Each state has minimum coverage requirements for liability insurance. This helps cover the other party’s property damage and bodily injury costs if you’re at fault. However, many buy higher liability limits to protect themselves after a more significant accident.

Collision insurance: If you have an incident with another vehicle or object, collision insurance covers property damage to your car.

Comprehensive insurance: Sometimes, things that aren’t collision-related happen to your car. Common examples include weather damage, theft, hitting an animal, and vandalism cover repairs under comprehensive coverage.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage: This coverage can help drivers stay protected in an accident involving an uninsured or underinsured driver. This coverage matches your liability limits but kicks in once the other driver’s available liability coverage stops. In other words, if a …read more

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SafeAuto Car Insurance Review 2023

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