Elon Musk is telling customers to use an unusual loophole if they want to take a Tesla car for a three-day ‘test drive’ (TSLA)

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk touted on Twitter a way customers can essentially get a three-day test drive of one of the company’s electric cars.
Customers who purchase a car can return it within that period for a refund.
Musk was responding to a tweet by CoverGirl model James Charles, who doesn’t meet Tesla’s age requirement to test drive one of its cars.

Consumers worried about buying a Tesla vehicle before they’ve ever test driven one can exploit a loophole that will let them try out a car for three days.

Better yet: The workaround is sanctioned by none other than CEO Elon Musk himself.

Customers who buy a Tesla car without having test driven it first can essentially get one for a three-day test drive. Such customers can return their vehicle within three days for a refund, he said on Twitter. By contrast, consumers who buy one after having a test drive have only one day to return it.

Order Tesla without test drive & you get 3 days to return for refund, else 1 day https://t.co/FRHLAB7qsj

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 22, 2018

Musk’s tweet was in response to one by James Charles, a YouTube personality, makeup artist, and CoverGirl model. Charles, who is 19, said he’s interested in buying Tesla’s Model X, but didn’t want to do so without test driving it first. Unfortunately for him, Tesla requires those who test drive its cars to be 21 or older.

The “Model X is at the top of my wishlist but [I’m] really disappointed that I can’t test drive because I’m not 21,” Charles said.

Hey @elonmusk! I’m first time car shopping and love everything you & Tesla stand for! Model X is at the top of my wishlist but really disappointed that I can’t test drive because I’m not 21… Definitely don’t feel comfortable spending $100K on a car without driving it first! 🙃

— James Charles (@jamescharles) October 22, 2018

Although Musk’s tweet was in response to Charles particular problem, Tesla’s policy could be helpful to other potential customers. Because the company’s vehicles — particularly the new Model 3 — are often in short supply and the company has a limited number of dealerships around the country, consumers sometimes have to purchase a vehicle before they get to test one out.

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Obama Rails Against Republicans in Fiery Nevada Rally

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Former President Barack Obama delivered a biting critique of Republicans in Washington and President Donald Trump’s administration on Monday but avoided mentioning his successor by name.

Obama, speaking at a rally in Las Vegas for Nevada Democrats, said Republicans had promised to “fight for the little guy” but instead helped corporations and sowed divisions in America.

Republicans in Congress “bend over backwards” instead of being “a check or a balance on this kind of corrupt politics,” the former president said.

Obama was in Nevada to drum up support for Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen, who is in a tight race against incumbent Republican Sen. Dean Heller, and energize voters in the swing state who delivered big for Democrats in 2016 but stayed home during the midterm elections in 2014.

Obama, who won the state in 2008 and 2012, railed against the GOP tax law, efforts to repeal his Affordable Care Act, Trump’s attacks on the media, political pressure he’s put on U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the separation of immigrant families at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Obama also criticized Heller, saying, “the current senator, he doesn’t seem to be willing to stand up to this. He just goes along, even when you get a sense he knows it’s not right.”

Rosen, a first-term congresswoman, is seen as one of Democrats’ best opportunities to flip control of a Senate seat, though the party faces slim chances of taking control of the Senate.

She narrowly won election to her Las Vegas-area district in 2014 and is taking on a politician who not only has already won a statewide election but has never lost an election despite serving nearly three decades in public offices.

Democrats are also in a close battle for the governor’s office, which will oversee state and federal redistricting occurring after the 2020 census.

Obama’s rally included specific appeals to young people and Latinos, key demographics who can boost Democrat numbers if they participate. The rally at a University of Nevada, Las Vegas arena included performances from hip-hop group Salt-N-Pepa and Columbian reggaeton star J Balvin and a speech from actress America Ferrera.

Obama said not voting this November would be “profoundly dangerous to this country, to our democracy.” He also reminded the crowd that the 2011 killing of Osama bin Laden occurred under his watch and that the economic recovery that Trump often takes credit for started during his administration.

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Man with knife is 5th Utahn killed by police in less than 2 weeks

RIVERTON — A man who investigators say held a knife to his mother’s throat during a domestic violence incident was shot and killed by Unified police Monday.

But the father of the man who was killed disputes that it was a case of domestic violence and says his son would never have hurt his mother.

“They didn’t have to shoot him. He had a frickin’ butter knife. She was yelling at them, ‘Don’t do anything, he’s not going to hurt me,'” Robert Whittle said.

Jason Robert Whittle, 26, of Riverton became the fifth man in Utah to be shot and killed by police in less than two weeks. No one was injured in a sixth police shooting on Oct. 10.

Police were called to a home at 11779 S. Stone Ridge Court (1400 West) about 6:40 a.m. Monday. They arrived to find “a man holding a female by the neck with a knife to her neck,” said Salt Lake County Sheriff Rosie Rivera.

At least one officer fired his gun, striking and killing Jason Whittle. The mother, 56, was not injured. The deadly confrontation happened outside the house near the end of the driveway. The woman lives at the home but Whittle did not, according to Rivera.

Robert Whittle said, however, that his son was holding a butter knife. He said his son has been battling substance abuse and has been “on the streets” for the past month or two. He said his son went to his mother’s residence Monday morning seeking help and it was the mother who called police at her son’s request, hoping he would be taken back to jail, mostly so he could receive treatment.

“He never was a danger to anybody. He came home wanting help,” Whittle said.

Whittle said when Unified police officers arrived, the woman exited the house first and his son followed. But his son was still holding a butter knife at the time from buttering toast inside the house, he said, adding that officers immediately drew their weapons.

Whittle said his son became scared and grabbed his mother. Despite that, he doesn’t believe his son would have hurt her.

“He had a butter knife, for heaven’s sake. He didn’t have anything that would harm her. He wouldn’t harm her,” he said. “He was not a dangerous person. He was not. This is such a tragedy.”

Whittle said the shooting happened very quickly after his son exited the house, but could have “easily …read more

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