Kim Zolciak BEGGED By Fans to Stop Getting Lip Fillers

Kim Zolciak is Ready for 2019

Kim Zolciak was recently caught photoshopping her kids, but her latest photo controversy required no digital editing.

The Don’t Be Tardy star shared a series of new photos, each of which featured her huge, swollen lips.

Even Kim’s most adoring fans are on their knees, begging her to go easy on the lip fillers.

“I’m so ready for 2019!” Kim Zolciak writes in her Instagram captions.

Beside her words are three selfies that she snapped showing her extremely, painfully prominent lips.

(We don’t know that they’re actually causing her pain, but they certainly caused plenty of pain among her followers)

As you can see from the images, which we’re sharing with you hear, her lips are dramatically swollen.

Kim is famous for her unabashed use of fillers, but … some of her fans and followers believed that this is a little much.

The reality star shared these photos on Sunday, December 16.

Kim Zolciak’s fans took to the comments to tell her, as kindly as they knew how, to lay off the fillers.

“Please stop with the lip injections,” one fan begged. “You are gorgeous, you don’t need to do that.”

“You are beautiful but I really wish you would consider stopping with the lip injections,” implored another followers.

That same comment continued: “You’re actually prettier without them.”

“Believe me I’m not hating,” announced another fan. “Stop the lip injections!”

Kim did not respond to that backlash, but since she responded to comments that were pure praise, it seems likely that she saw the feedback.

Back in August, Kim replied to fans with similar concerns, simply saying of lip fillers: “I love them for now.”

That is, at least, a sliver of hope to fans who hope to see her tone it down — as she has done with her boobs.

Some fans have taken their concerns too far and projected them onto her 17-year-old daughter, Ariana Biermann.

Before her most recent birthday, Ariana addressed the rumors that she herself had gone under the knife.

“I’m so over people asking me this,” Ariana lamented. “I am 16 dude I’ve had no plastic surgery what so ever.”

Back in July, Kim Zolciak spoke to Us Weekly about the way that fans — and trolls — view and discuss her family.

“Messing with my kids is gonna be a big one, you know?” she says of things that cross the line. “Let’s use Brielle’s lips, right?”

“So when Brielle wanted her lips done.” Kim shares. “It was something that she’s …read more

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10 Last-Minute Gifts To Grab For The College Students In Your Life

First of all, if you yourself are not a college student and you are looking at this list for ideas on what to get a younger friend or relative, you can probably stop reading this. Go to the ATM, and withdraw the perfect gift for most college students in the crisp denomination of your choice. Bye!

Okay, anyone else still reading this either doesn’t like excellent advice, is too embarrassed to give cash to anyone, or is also a student buying this for a fellow student. What you’re looking for is something worthy of a busy scholar’s time. Something that fits in a tiny dorm room. Something that will be met with laughter and appreciation. Something that won’t be met with the scorn of a person newly enlightened by higher education. Something that will be worthy of transport back to school and won’t instead rot unused in the corner of a childhood bedroom. Something that won’t be destroyed by careless roommates — or won’t be a devastating loss if it is. This is a tall order, friends. But it is not impossible.

You know your giftee best, but we think the following items might just fit the bill.

For those long days locked inside studying, or those silly nights that devolve into an adolescent slumber party, you can never have too many cozy pants that are still not embarrassing to wear in dorm common areas.

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Along those same lines, after an all-nighter, a hard-working student needs her nap, for which a cozy blanket will prove quite useful. Also, something this cuddly will provide much-needed comfort when that homesickness kicks in.

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No, we are absolutely not encouraging the taking of naps in that giant anthropology lecture class that’s nonstop slide shows. This plush bunny pillow is actually for use in the library, where some of us get our best sleep.

Houzz Lovely Hand Warmer Nap Pillow Desk Pillow , $31.46, available at Houzz

Enough talk of sleep. Though caffeine is so necessary, we’ve all heard about the dangers of blowing our budgets on coffee, and of screwing up the planet with instant coffee pods. A great coffee subscription can solve so many problems at once. Throw in a French press to complete the gift.

La Colombe Cornerstone & Alliance Gift Subscription, $84, available at La Colombe

When your gift recipient …read more

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How Going On Antidepressants For The First Time Changed My Skin

In 2014, after a particularly tough breakup, I started taking antidepressants for anxiety and OCD. I’d struggled with my mental health since around 2010, but had never tried medication because I was scared of the side effects. I expected to experience insomnia and headaches, but one thing I never really considered was whether taking the drugs I was prescribed would affect my appearance — mainly, my skin.

According to figures obtained by The Guardian, more than 4 million people in England are long-term users of antidepressants, and more than 7.3 million people were prescribed antidepressants from 2017 to 2018. While it shouldn’t really matter how the pills affect your appearance, it’s important not to dismiss “lesser” side effects that can hit when you start a new medication. Since I began taking sertraline (an SSRI, which stands for selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor), the generic for Zoloft, my skin has become much more temperamental. Acne around my jawline and chin is now the norm, my lips and cheeks go through weird dry spells, and I sweat — a lot. I’m talking night sweats and panic sweats, which affect my face as well as my body. Although I know this sounds pretty minimal, it’s hard sometimes. Finding a course of treatment that helps my mental health is absolutely the priority, but side effects that show up so obviously on your skin can really get you down.

According to general practitioner and clinical advisor to Anxiety UK Dr. Mike Capek, while SSRIs are generally considered safer than other forms of antidepressant medication and usually have few side effects, common unwelcome consequences can include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headaches, agitation, and sleep disturbance — but that’s not all. Taking antidepressants can affect different patients in completely different ways, and while most don’t see any reactions at all, it’s possible to experience a range of the aforementioned symptoms, as well as those that change the condition of your skin.

“Many people notice that while taking antidepressants, skin can become drier, particularly their lips,” says Dr. Justine Hextall, a dermatologist for La Roche-Posay in the UK. Dr. Hextall explains that antidepressants have what is referred to as “anticholinergic side effects,” which essentially means they block the nerves that help to produce saliva. That could well explain the dryness that has at times ravaged my cheeks, and left me with cracked lips that feel …read more

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