Nonprofit gets seriously ill children out of the hospital and into the stands

While volunteering at a children’s hospital, Blake Rockwell and the kids would talk about sports and watch games together, an experience that inspired Rockwell to start Special Spectators, a nonprofit that gets seriously ill children out of the hospital and onto the field.

Blake Rockwell started Special Spectators, which gifts ill children with VIP trips to sporting events.

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Rockwell started the nonprofit in 2002, and since then, more than 10,000 kids and their families have received VIP treatment at college athletic games. Special Spectators works with children’s hospitals and universities to set up the visits, with each one unique, but the kids typically meet the coaches and players, get to try on gear, attend a tailgate, sit in the best seats in the house, and go on the field, where they are greeted with cheers. “A lot of these kids, they’re in it for the long haul,” Rockwell told CNN. “Their treatment protocol might be three years. And their tanks start to run low. Days like this restore the spirit in these kids to continue to fight.”

This is a matter close to Rockwell’s heart; his older brother, Chuckie, was born with a congenital heart defect, and he wasn’t able to play sports, but the kids in their neighborhood made sure he was involved, making him the referee during every game. Chuckie died at 10 years old, right before Blake was born, but he said he always remembered the kindness the other kids showed his brother, and that’s why he decided to start volunteering at the children’s hospital that treated Chuckie.

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‘Survivor 35’ recap: Beware hidden advantages in potato chip bags

Tonight’s episode has promised to deliver a tribe switch-up and a shocking turn of events at Tribal Council. We’ll be the judge of that, so let’s get to it.

And we are. The show starts with the switch-up. The new tribes are Levu (blue) — Heroes Ashley and Alan, Healers Desi, Joe and Hustler Devon; Soko (yellow) — Hustlers Ryan and Ali, Heroes JP and Chrissy and Healer Roark; and Yawa (red) — Healers Jessica, Mike and Cole, Hustler Lauren and Hero Ben.

Ben feels like an outcast on his tribe because, well, he is.

Reward Challenge

The reward is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, with peanut butter and bread to take back to camp, plus a package of chips for each of them. It’s a winner take all, with no second place.

Three players from each team are tied together with sort of braided ropes, and must unwind themselves and go through obstacles. Once they’re through, the now untangled rope is used to lasso a heavy sled with puzzle pieces on it. The sled is then dragged back to the two remaining players, who use the pieces to solve a puzzle.

The Red Tribe pull off the win and walk away with their reward. The others are sent back to their camps to get to know each other and plot against players in the minority.

With the victory, Ben thinks the tribe worked together, which is good. They all eat their food and Jessica opens her chip bag to find a secret advantage. She declares herself the luckiest girl ever.

The advantage allows her to block the vote of one person on her tribe. The sealed advantage will be given to one of them, but they won’t be allowed to read it until right before the vote. Pow. If her tribes doesn’t go the Tribal Council, she has to anonymously block the vote of someone else on another tribe.

Jessica tells her best bud, Cole, who then goes and tells Lauren and Ben, for what purpose, Lauren doesn’t know. Neither do we.

At the Yellow Tribe, Ryan and Chrissy bond when Ryan tells her that he’s the one who gave the super idol in the first episode of the season. Chrissy didn’t use it, but it had made her feel loved, and she promises to return the favor.

On the Blue Tribe, everyone is introducing themselves. Ashley is bummed that she’s still saddled with Alan, her fellow …read more

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Keyshia Ka’oir Wore A $7 Lipstick To Her $1.7-Million Wedding To Gucci Mane

When makeup artist Angie Martinez was asked to do Keyshia Ka’oir ‘s bridal makeup for The Mane Event, she was nervous — and understandably so. For one, Keyshia is the mastermind behind Ka’oir Cosmetics, a line of vivid, pigment-rich lipsticks (and shadows) that predate your favorite lip kit. Second, her groom-to-be, Gucci Mane, has a history of going big…really big. (See: The entire Miami ceremony ended up costing nearly $2 million, which, you know, is totally casual.)

Then there was the whole televised special on BET aspect, which clocked in 1.6 million viewers and will be included in a 10-part docuseries to follow. Did we mention that the guest list included Diddy, Jhene Aiko, 2 Chainz, Monica, Rick Ross, Big Sean, Trina… do you see where I’m going here? Ka’oir and Gucci, whose fans call the Wopsters, are all about extravagance.

With all of that in mind, you’d think that Martinez would be directed to only use Ka’oir goodies mixed in with luxe, prestige brands. But it turns out that a key part of the finished face was achieved with a drugstore liquid lippie that looked like a million bucks.

Mrs Davis #1017

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“Keyshia is very specific. She’s the dream client — she knows what she wants and how it should be executed,” Martinez tells Refinery29. For The Mane Event, Ka’oir’s directive was to make her up like no one’s ever seen before. “She knew she wanted an all-nude look. Normally, her makeup is very bold. She does the crazy-colored lipstick or the glitter on her lips. For the wedding, she wanted something that people wouldn’t expect from her,” Martinez says.

Of course, that doesn’t mean low-key. If “budget” isn’t in Gucci’s vocabulary, then “neutral” isn’t in his (now) wife’s. “She still wanted the eyes to be a little dramatic, to sparkle and match her beautiful bouquet and gown, which was all glam and glitz,” Martinez says. “She’s not a natural makeup person. [Keyshia likes] a heavy contour, a beaming glow that really pops, sharp and precise brows, and her nose contour to be snatched.”

In order to really bring out that bridal glow, Martinez moisturized Ka’oir’s skin with Tatcha Water Cream and let it sit while working on her eyes. She primed …read more

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