14 Adorably Awkward Celebrities At Prom

Before they were posing on the red carpet, they were posing in front of limos. That’s right: Gwen Stefani, Tom Brady, and Matthew McConaughey all attended proms, formals, or homecomings, just like the rest of us plebeians. Don’t believe us? Well, we have the photos to prove it.

We’ve assembled a round-up of incredible prom photos of celebrities that are just as awkward as all of ours. Which means, no sweat if there was a bug in your hair or a weird run in your tights on prom night — you, too, could be a celebrity if you work as hard as Taraji P. Henson.

Of course, some of them do look exactly the same. But there are also plenty of bejeweled gowns, questionable hair ‘dos, and amazing throwback pairings. Ahead, the best celebrity prom moments. John Stamos, is that you?

Blake Lively
Blake Lively didn’t just “go to prom,” the Sister of the Traveling Pants star was nominated to Prom Queen alongside her football-playing boyfriend who was nominated for Prom King. She even wore a tiara. S would be proud.

Danielle Fishel & Lance Bass
This photo, of Girl Meets World and Boy Meets World star Danielle Fischel and Lance Bass, of *NSYNC fame, perfectly encapsulates our ’90s teen dreams: chunky, platform high heels, a saucy slit in a dress, and a date with perfectly frosted tips.

Photo: Via @LanceBass .

John Stamos
That hair! The classic prom pose! The awkward half-smile! Yep, that was our prom, too.

Photo: Via @johnstamos.

Matthew McConaughey
Before he won an Oscar, McConaughey was posing in front of a cut-out moon and star for his high school prom.

Photo: Leah Pickett/Splash.

Josh Duhamel
Before he married Fergie, Josh Duhamel rocked a green bowtie and looked dazed for the camera at his high school prom.

Photo: Via @joshduhamel.

Ellen DeGeneres
Everything about Ellen’s prom photo is flat-out incredible. The patterned dress, the wide, white collar, and her date’s hair, bowtie, and jacket combo? So much swag.

Photo: Via @theellenshow.

Jimmy Fallon
We’d recognize that smile anywhere. “My date went tanning the night before. I did not. I looked like Powder. #awkwardpromstory,” Fallon wrote on Twitter.

Photo: Via @jimmyfallon.

Taraji P. Henson
Henson definitely slayed in high school, too, rocking a dress she designed herself with incredible shoulder accents. Her hashtags? “#Prom #YESIdesignedthedress #IbelievedIcouldfly #StillcouldntTellmeShiat”

Photo: Via @tarajiphenson.

Gwen Stefani
True to form, Gwen Stefani made her prom dress, inspired by Grace Kelly’s dress …read more

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29 Supremely Luxurious Gifts For Under $50 (Save These For Your VIPs)

Little luxuries are those specialty items that aren’t exactly everyday-essentials, but are everyday-enhancers instead; like using a rose-infused hand cream, eating a square of dark chocolate, pouring a premium cup of tea, lighting a fancy candle, or writing in a new notebook. And while everyone appreciates a little luxury, many aren’t looking to spend the money on them — which is why they make excellent presents.

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Punchy Coffee Table Book
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Premium Lip Polish
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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez: Will They Make It Down the Aisle?

A. Rod with J. Lo

Alex Rodriguez is used to hitting home runs, having power 696 balls over the fence during his Major League Baseball career.

But he really hit one out of the park earlier this month.

That’s when Rodriguez proposed to Jennifer Lopez and the singer/actress/all-around-goddess replied with one simple, albeit hugely meaningful, syllable:


Indeed, the mega famous and ultra wealthy couple is now engaged.

And they’ve spent the two weeks since this announcement basking in each other’s hotness, while also gushing over each other on social media.

“A soulmate isn’t someone who completes you. No, a soulmate is someone who inspires you to complete yourself,” shared Rodriguez the day Lopez agreed to be his wife, posting a quote online that also reads:

“A soulmate is someone who loves you with so much conviction, and so much heart, that it is nearly impossible to doubt just how capable you are of becoming exactly who you have always wanted to be.”

Who knew he was such a romantic, right?

This past weekend, meanwhile, Rodriguez posted the first photo we published above on his Instagram account and praised his fiancee’s acting ability in the caption.

“This beautiful woman starts shooting her movie tomorrow, ‘Hustlers,'” he began. “I won’t play spoiler, but I can’t wait until you all see how she transforms herself into a completely different character!!”

Adds the long-time steroid user:

“She’s been working so hard lately. I’m glad we were able to enjoy a quick little break before she dives into this new project. Love you baby and continue to shine, fly high and inspire all of us.”

Lopez, for her part, has also appeared quite smitten with Rodriguez.

She has shared a couple photos from his proposal and she’s seemingly brushed off claims that he’s been cheating on her.

So, everything is all good, right?

You can practically hear the wedding bells ringing already, can’t you?

Maybe, some followers believe.

Maybe not, others counter.

Rodriguez, for example, loves to play the field.

We don’t mean this in a baseball sense, even though he won a pair of Gold Gloves over the course of his tainted career.

We mean it in the sense that, ever since his divorce in 2008, the legendary slugger has gone to bed with Torrie Wilson, Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson, just to name a few beautiful women.

Some might say he found the literal most beautiful woman in Jennifer Lopez and he’ll therefore be satisfied and settle down.

But Rodriguez was not an honest …read more

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