US officials are steadily building a case that Iran struck Saudi oil plants in a bold attack

This image provided on Sunday, Sept. 15, 2019, by the U.S. government and DigitalGlobe and annotated by the source, shows damage to the infrastructure at Saudi Aramco's Abaqaiq oil processing facility in Buqyaq, Saudi Arabia.

The US appears to be steadily building a case against Iran in the wake of devastating strikes on Saudi oil sites over the weekend.
Despite claims of responsibility from the Houthi rebels in Yemen, the US has blamed Iran.
US officials have said that there is no evidence the attack came from Yemen as claimed. Officials have released satellite imagery of the targeted oil sites that allegedly indicates Iranian culpability, and the media has been informed that the point of origin for the attacks was Iranian soil.
US defense officials have also said that satellites captured images of Iran preparing in country for the attack, which is said to have involved drones and cruise missiles.
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The US appears to be steadily building a case against Iran in the wake of devastating strikes on Saudi oil sites over the weekend.

Saudi Arabia’s Abqaiq oil processing plant and Khurais oil field were struck Saturday, temporarily crippling oil production. The Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen quickly claimed responsibility for the attack, calling it “one of the largest executed by our forces” in Saudi Arabia.

The US, however, has pinned the blame on Iran, and US officials have been telling the media that the attacks, which are said to have involved drones and cruise missiles, were launched from Iran, which has denied any involvement.

“Iran has now launched an unprecedented attack on the world’s energy supply,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated Saturday without providing evidence to support his claims. He stressed that the US would work to ensure “Iran is held accountable for its aggression.”

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In his statement, he ruled out an attack emanating from Yemen, saying that “there is no evidence the attacks came from Yemen.” The Saudi-led coalition that has been battling the Houthis for years, agreed. Iraq, which is home to Iranian-backed militias, has also been ruled out as a potential launch point for the attacks.

Pompeo, the State Department revealed Tuesday, is traveling to Saudi Arabia to “discuss the recent attack on the Kingdom’s oil facilities and coordinate efforts to counter Iranian aggression in the region.”

US officials briefed news organizations Sunday, presenting declassified satellite images of the strikes as evidence of Iran’s’ culpability. Officials said that the direction of the strikes indicates that Iran …read more

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‘The Bachelor’ 2020 Spoilers: Cast of Contestants Revealed Early

Hannah Had Sex With Peter on The Bachelorette

The 2020 star of The Bachelor is announced on the 2019 reunion episode of Bachelor in Paradise, but, ahead of the announcement, the new cast of contestants was revealed. But, before we get into all the cast details and who the next star of The Bachelor is, THIS IS YOUR SPOILERS WARNING. If you don’t want to know any information on the new contenders or who the new star of the show is, STOP READING NOW.

With that out of the way, let’s get started.

Who Is “The Bachelor” 2020?

ABC/Ed HerreraPictured: Peter Weber

Peter Weber has been a fan-favorite from The Bachelorette and a front-runner for the gig and, according to Reality Steve, he is the new star. Reality Steve reported that the announcement was to be made on the reunion and he said, “they finally make the official announcement that Peter is the Bachelor and they bring him on stage. He says what pretty much every guy getting introduced in that role says with the he’s ready to find love, the process works, he’s so excited, and he even got emotional on stage talking about it.”

“The Bachelor” 2020 Cast

There are 33 women who have been revealed and you can have a look at all of them in the above post. According to Reality Steve, one woman to take note of is Kelley Flanagan, who actually met Weber at a wedding prior to The Bachelor. Reality Steve stated that, “They hit it off and she told him she was going to be on his season. I have no details beyond that. I have no idea if they made out, slept together, etc. But now that it’s known publicly they are both aware of each other and just recently met, will be interesting to see if it’s brought up on the show.”

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Judge rejects Utahn’s bid for less prison time after he helped police find remains of his girlfriend, her son

Maria Almiron, grandmother of 3-year-old Gabriel Almiron, left, and Brenda Marsh, mother of Emily Almiron, Gabriel's mother, embrace after speaking at a press conference at Orem City Hall on Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2019.

FILE – Maria Almiron, grandmother of 3-year-old Gabriel Almiron, left, and Brenda Marsh, mother of Emily Almiron, Gabriel’s mother, embrace after speaking at a press conference at Orem City Hall on Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2019. | Steve Griffin, Deseret News

Christopher Poulson sought to plead guilty to lesser charges Tuesday in the deaths of Emily Quijano and her son Gabriel Almiron.

AMERICAN FORK — A Utah man who killed his girlfriend and her toddler and then buried them under a cedar tree in the desert failed to secure a lesser prison sentence Tuesday in exchange for helping police find their remains.

Christopher Poulson had already pleaded guilty to charges including murder when crews uncovered bones belonging to Emily Quijano and her 3-year-old son Gabriel Almiron on Sept. 6.

Orem Police Department
Emily Quijano AlmironOrem Police Department
Gabriel Almiron

As part of a plea deal that prosecutors say is unique, the discovery of the mother and child in a shallow grave allowed Poulson to try to withdraw his pleas and admit to reduced charges that would cap his time in prison at 30 years.

But 4th District Judge Robert Lunnen said Tuesday he wouldn’t accept that part of the deal, even though he typically approves agreements between a defendant and the state. He wasn’t swayed by arguments from Poulson’s defense attorney Matthew Morisse, who noted his client gave a full confession and all the information he could to help investigators.

Lunnen said it was difficult for him “to accept a 30-year limit on two very important lives.” Justice is better served, he said, by allowing Utah’s parole board to evaluate Poulson over time and ultimately determine when he is released.

Poulson faces 16 years and up to life in the Utah State Prison when he is sentenced Sept. 26. Last month, he admitted that in 2015 he fatally injured the boy and then panicked and shot Almiron as she slept before she could discover what had happened.

Quijano’s mother supported the deal, Deputy Utah County Attorney Lance Bastian said. Her father, however, did not favor the agreement.

On Sept. 6, a volunteer searcher found the bodies of the mother and son in a shallow grave near Eureka in Juab County, Bastian said. The crew member spotted a tree he believed matched one described by Poulson and found the remains just …read more

Source:: Deseret News – Utah News


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