Track all of Biden’s executive orders and actions as president

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President Joe Biden exercised his power on his first day in office with a series of executive orders, already ticking off some items on his agenda and undoing his predecessor’s legacy.

Many of Biden’s first actions in office have targeted former President Donald Trump’s policies.

“There is no time to waste when it comes to tackling the crises we face,” Biden said on day one. “That’s why today, I am heading to the Oval Office to get right to work delivering bold action and immediate relief for American families.”

Biden revoked Trump’s controversial ban on travel from majority-Muslim countries, halted construction of the former president’s wall along the US-Mexico border, and extended the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program protecting young immigrants who came to the US as children.

Issuing executive orders is typically among presidents’ first duties. Biden outpaced Trump, who on his first day in office signed only one order, to begin a reversal of the Affordable Care Act, which ultimately was unsuccessful.

Biden took the reins of the presidency during a tumultuous period for the nation, still reeling from the deadly Capitol riot and the coronavirus pandemic. The new president repeated calls for unity in his inauguration ceremony and issued a proclamation declaring Wednesday a “National Day of Unity.”

Beyond bridging political divides, Biden has the monumental task of combatting a raging public-health crisis. More than 400,000 people have died from COVID-19 in the US.

Wearing a mask at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, Biden kicked off his pandemic response with a “100 Days Masking Challenge” and issued a mask mandate in federal buildings.

This graphic categorizes all of Biden’s executive orders, memoranda, and proclamations. If you click on an action, it will take you to the full text and details from the White House. We’ll keep it updated.

On day one, Biden also rejoined the Paris climate accord, an international treaty that the Obama administration adopted and Trump abandoned. And Biden stopped the US’s withdrawal from the World Health Organization, which Trump had initiated last summer after accusing the United Nations agency of cozying up to China.

Biden extended an eviction moratorium and student-loan-payment deferments to support Americans struggling financially during the pandemic.

Since those actions were presidential statements or agency directives, they aren’t included in the graphic. You can find all of Biden’s statements, actions, and directives on the

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How content publishers can leverage the affiliate channel

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More and more content publishers are entering the affiliate, or partner, marketing channel.
Marketer perception of the affiliate space may be changing as the types of publishers in the channel diversify.
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Affiliate commerce isn’t new for many publishers, nor is it for marketers. But more content publishers are entering the affiliate space, creating new opportunities for performance marketers to reach high-quality audiences through high-quality content. Meanwhile, the affiliate model itself is evolving. Some affiliate networks now offer marketers more ways to attribute sales to multiple publisher touchpoints along the path to purchase.

Traditionally, the types of publishers in the affiliate channel have been coupon, cash-back, loyalty, price comparison, and review sites. But that’s changed as more high-quality content publishers—such as traditional publisher brands under Meredith Corporation, Hearst Corporation, and Condé Nast, and digital media publishers like BuzzFeed and Vox Media—have entered the space. Influencers have also been active in the affiliate channel in recent years. In effect, the affiliate channel now offers marketers considerably more premium and engaging content partners than what was historically available.

“The affiliate space has evolved well beyond transactional campaigns with a rewards type of partner. Now, you have the weight of these editorial brands reviewing products,” said David A. Yovanno, CEO at affiliate network Impact.

Most of the publishers we interviewed for our “Publishers and Commerce 2021” report said the majority of their ecommerce revenues come from affiliate partnerships—meaning commissions earned on conversions or clicks they drive to a brand or retailer through affiliate links placed in content on their sites or other channels, like their social media accounts and email newsletters.

Marketer perception of the affiliate, or partner, marketing channel may be changing as the types of publishers in the channel diversify.

“Now that it’s shown that content can be a material component of the revenue build, the affiliate channel is in a position to take its rightful seat at the CMO’s table. It’s been perceived as a coupon and cash-back channel, but it’s not that anymore,” said Matt Gilbert, CEO of affiliate network Partnerize.

In a May 2020 survey by Gartner, 65% of B2C marketing executives worldwide expected to increase spending …read more

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Udemy has a database of over 500 free online courses. These are the 7 most popular ones.

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Whether you’re interested in web development bootcamps or in-depth art classes, Udemy offers over 130,000 paid online courses taught by industry leaders. One of its bestselling ones, for instance, teaches beginners how to code in Python and has had over 1.2 million students. Paid courses offer features like unlimited access, certificates of completion, and the ability to message the instructor.

But if you’re not ready to pay for and commit to a particular course or area of study, Udemy also offers 586 free online courses, in subjects that range from programming and Excel basics to photography and personal development. All you need to do to take them is sign up for a free Udemy account. While they don’t have the same benefits as paid courses (like certificates), they can be great ways to test out different subjects or pick up quick skills like coding a game or website, analyzing data in Excel, or setting SMART-er goals.

7 Udemy online courses you can take for free:
Code Your First Game: Arcade Classic in JavaScript on Canvas

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 

Students: 304,330 

All you need are a text editor and web browser for this free JavaScript tutorial. In a little over two hours of video material, you’ll go over coding basics, learn fundamental gameplay functions like 2D animation and motion, and polish your new, complete game.

Code Your First Game: Arcade Classic in JavaScript on Canvas (button)

7 Scientifically Proven Steps to Increase Your Influence

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 

Students: 270,568 

Led by Vanessa Van Edwards, the lead investigator at the Science of People, a human behavior research lab and author of “Captivate: The Science of Succeeding With People,” this course teaches you how to engage your audience, whether you’re trying to move up in your career or simply want to get better at navigating conversations with strangers.

7 Scientifically Proven Steps to Increase Your Influence (button)

Introductory Photography Course

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 

Students: 244,447

This “one day” beginner photography course takes you through the basics of using your camera, …read more

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‘Black Swan’ author Nassim Taleb says bitcoin is an open Ponzi scheme and a failed currency

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‘Black Swan’ author Nassim Taleb doubles down on his view that bitcoin is an open Ponzi scheme and a failed currency.

“There’s no connection between inflation and bitcoin,” Taleb told CNBC on Friday. “Everybody knows [bitcoin is] a Ponzi.” 

The cryptocurrency, often referred to as digital gold, has been viewed as a potential hedge against inflation by some analysts, highlighting its similarities with the precious metal.

“If you want to hedge against inflation, buy a piece of land,” he said. “The best strategy for investors is to own things that produce yields in the future. In other words, you can fall back on real dollars coming out of the company.”

He also said that bitcoin failed in its supposed role as a replacement for government-backed money, mainly due to its volatility. The author admitted that he was “fooled” into thinking it could be a viable alternative to fiat currency but later realized that a currency not backed by a government is “just speculation” and a “game”. 

“I was told it was going to be a currency,” he said. But “you don’t replace the currency with something that’s so volatile that you can’t really commit to a transaction in it.” 

Bitcoin’s price has swung wildly recently. The world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization inched near the $65,000-level ahead of Coinbase’s listing on April 14. Less than 10 days later, bitcoin slid below the critical $50,000 level, extending losses for the seventh day in a row.

The decline below $50,000 has bitcoin testing a new technical support level that could signal continued weakness, especially after 50-day moving average failed to hold as support.

The broader crypto market has come under fresh pressure after reports that US President Joe Biden is looking to double the capital gains tax rate on wealthy investors on Thursday.



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