Aaliyah’s Madame Tussauds Wax Figure Receives Praise By Fans

It’s always a toss-up when wax museums tackle beloved celebrities. Madame Tussauds is a world-renowned brand that, for the most part, has been able to duplicate the images of some of our favorite famous figures, including characters, in their many international locations. Earlier this month we reported that their museum in Las Vegas would be revealing their model of late singer Aaliyah, and on Wednesday they shared her wax figure during a special unveiling ceremony.

Four days from now will mark 18 years since the singer lost her life in a plane crash as she and her team were attempting to leave the islands and return to Florida. They had just filmed the music video for Aaliyah’s single “Rock the Boat” when a series of unfortunate events caused the plane to go down. Six people died in the wreck. Aaliyah was 22-years-old.

Her memory has lived on through her music, and Madame Tussauds wanted to preserve the young icon to the best of their abilities. They decided to go with her “Try Again” music video look and many fans were beyond pleased. Take a look at a few photos and responses below, and let us know if they got this one right.

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Yellowstone volcano: ‘Overdue’ claim sparks USGS admission for next super eruption date

The Yellowstone caldera is chillingly referred to as a supervolcano due to its ability to inflict devastation on a global level. Located below the states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, the supervolcano is constantly monitored by the USGS (United States Geological Survey) for signs that a supereruption is on its way. An event of this kind has occurred three times in history – 2.1 million years ago, 1.3 million years ago and 640,000 years ago, leaving some to claim the massive eruption is overdue.

Self-proclaimed experts reach this conclusion by calculating the difference in time between each event.

However, Dr Lowenstern has rubbished such claims.

He told viewers on the USGS YouTube channel in 2014: “When you see people claiming it’s overdue, usually the numbers they come up with say the last eruption was 640,000 years ago, but it erupts every 600,000 years.

“Therefore it’s 40,000 years overdue.

It wouldn’t be overdue for another 70,000 years

Jacob Lowenstern

“But, in fact, if you average the eruption intervals, there’s 2.1 million to 1.3 million and then another 640,000 years ago.

“If you average those numbers you come up with something that’s over 700,000 years.”

“So, in reality, even if you tried to make this argument, it wouldn’t be overdue for another 70,000 years.”

Dr Lowenstern went on to state even this calculation is questionably useful.

He added: “The other thing that is important to realise is that when they do statistics based on two eruptive intervals, they are just playing games.

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“Because we don’t know.

There’s no clock down there, the magma is going to erupt when it wants to erupt.

“There’s been a lot of things that have happened over the last 600,000 years that might indicate there’s less likely of an eruption.”

USGS has provides a more detailed explanation as to why the volcano is not “overdue”.

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Their website reads: “First of all, one cannot present recurrence intervals based on only two values, it would be statistically meaningless.

“But for those who insist, let’s do the arithmetic. The three eruptions occurred 2.1 million, 1.3 million and 0.64 million years ago.

The two intervals are thus 0.8 and 0.66 million years, averaging to a 0.73 million-year …read more

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Loudoun South Little League team one win away from US finals after Wednesday night defeat

The Loudoun South Little League team is one win away from the U.S. finals and fans in Northern Virginia are ready.

Loudoun South was defeated Wednesday night by a team from Hawaii, 12-9. The team has a second chance at the U.S. Final Thursday at 7 p.m. when they play Louisiana in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

A large watch party was held at Glory Days Grill in Stone Ridge with classmates and community members cheering them on. Many stayed late and vowed to come back for Thursday’s game.

Part of the team’s success on the diamond comes from Colton Hicks.

Colton and his mom Melissa are still pinching themselves about the team’s success.

“Until the first pitch was thrown I couldn’t believe that we were there and got to play in Williamsport,” said Colton.

“The Loudoun South fans have shown up tenfold and the experience has been amazing. The people in Williamsport have been so welcoming to all of us and it’s wonderful just to wear the gold and black down the street,” said Melissa.

The Hicks say the most important thing isn’t the scoreboard but the scores of friends and personal relationships gained from the team.

“We started to really rely on each other and celebrate each other. It’s just been such a great experience that only us to have been through it will only ever really know,” said Melissa.

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