Gwyneth Paltrow said she drinks Japanese whisky in the bath every night — here’s why that might be a bad idea

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Gwyneth Paltrow told the Evening Standard she drinks every day of the week.
Her drink of choice is Japanese whisky, which she enjoys in the bath.
A few studies show apparent benefits of drinking in moderation.
But according to a large analysis recently published in the Lancet, there is no safe amount of alcohol.
The potential benefits of alcohol are not well understood yet, but what is clear is that drinking in excess can cause many health issues.

The dangers of alcohol are well documented. People are recommended to avoid drinking more than 14 units a week, and to have at least a few days out of seven going alcohol free.

In the short term, drinking heavily can increase your risk of accidents, and in the long term, it is linked with liver disease, pancreatitis, and several different cancers. But a few studies in recent years have shown apparent benefits of drinking in moderation, such as a reduced risk of stroke, or diabetes.

Gwyneth Paltrow may be one of the people who seeks such benefits. According to the Evening Standard, she is a “seven-days-a-week drinker,” because she always likes “to have a little something.”

Her tipple of choice is apparently Japanese whisky, which she drinks in the bath.

The Guardian reports that Japanese whisky has been shown to have high levels of the antioxidant ellagic acid. This could mean it helps protect the body against inflammation and cancers — but the evidence is limited. Also, these sorts of compounds are absorbed faster by the body when they come from whisky, rather than wine. But it’s unclear whether they actually have any medicinal effects.

Despite studies claiming drinking moderately may be the key to a longer life, may increase male fertility, and even make you call in to work sick less, government guidelines do not recommend drinking for the sake of any health benefits.

In fact, recent research, published in the Lancet, concluded there is no safe amount of alcohol. And even one extra glass of wine a week, according to another study, could shorten your life by 30 minutes.

As for whether Paltrow has her full glass of Japanese whisky for the potential health benefits, or she simply just likes the taste, who knows. But if you’re thinking …read more

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Trump’s laughed-at UN speech shows the US has lost its moral high ground to Iran

Donald Trump UNGA

President Donald Trump was laughed at during his speech to the UN General Assembly on Tuesday for saying he had led an effective administration.
Trump went on to bash Iran in the speech, and Iran’s president later made a speech saying Trump had a “Nazi disposition.”
Iran traffics in violent anti-Semitism and seeks to destroy Israel, but Trump was the joke of the day while European powers rushed to engage with Iran.
Trump’s trade wars against allies and disdain for multilateral agreements have isolated the US on the world stage.

President Donald Trump’s laughed-at speech to the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, and Iranian President Rouhani’s follow-up response, demonstrated clearly how the US has lost its moral high ground on the world stage.

Trump started his UN speech much like one of his signature campaign rallies: by touting his achievements since taking office two years ago in trademark hyperbolic terms.

“In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country,” Trump said, prompting laughter.

Trump’s qualified claim — to have “almost” done more than any other administration in two years — wasn’t factually false. But the assembly nonetheless laughed out loud at the idea that Trump has led an effective presidency.

The rest of Trump’s speech focused on singling out Iran and Venezuela, two countries engaged in horrible human rights abuses against their own people, yet somehow cast as sympathetic figures before the UN.

When Iranian President Hassan Rouhani spoke hours later at the same podium, he rebuked Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran deal and went on to accuse him of having a “Nazi disposition” and xenophobic attitudes.

Iran openly plots Israel’s destruction and the killing of Jewish people. It is a theocratic regime led by religious leaders that persecutes its LGBT citizens as well as religious minorities. Iran’s politics have been rife with holocaust deniers and they support Hamas, a foreign group that attacks Israel with flaming kites bearing swastikas meant to burn down fields.

But at the UN on Tuesday, its was the US president accused of Nazi leanings, and it drew no laughter from the crowd.

US moral high ground collapsed

Trump is currently renegotiating trade deals with several US allies, including Canada and Mexico, using high tariffs for leverage. Trump’s trade practices portray an unabashed mercantilism, which, ironically, mirrors the behavior he wishes to …read more

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