Model sues Kevin Hart and others for $60 million over 2017 sex tape

The model who says she was secretly recorded having sex with Kevin Hart has filed a $60 million lawsuit against the comedian, his friend and a Las Vegas hotel.

Montia Sabbag, 28, claims she had no idea there were cameras hidden around Hart’s private suite at the Cosmopolitan when she had consensual sex with him there in 2017.

In her 38-page complaint obtained by the Daily News, Sabbag says she now believes Hart, recently badly injured in a car crash, allowed his friend Jonathan “JT” Jackson to record the intimate encounter that later ended up on the internet.

“Hart conspired with Jackson to intentionally record Ms. Sabbag naked and engaged in private sexual relations with Hart in a private bedroom at the Cosmopolitan without her knowledge or consent for the purpose of obtaining tremendous financial benefit for himself,” the negligence lawsuit filed in federal court in Los Angeles states.

She argues Hart, 40, was motivated by the “additional publicity and media attention” that the video garnered and his desire to “increase his overall pop culture status.”

She says the nearly three-minute video posted online Sept. 17, 2017, depicted her naked from the waist down engaged in “private, consensual sexual relations” with Hart.

“The unknowing and unwelcome filming of Ms. Sabbag while naked and engaging in private sexual activity in a private bedroom and the further dissemination of the unauthorized video of Ms. Sabbag at the Cosmopolitan has caused and continues to cause Ms. Sabbag great emotional distress and embarrassment,” the lawsuit states.

Hart addressed the recording after it became public two years ago and appeared to admit to cheating on his wife, Eniko Parrish.

He confessed to a “bad error of judgment” in an Instagram video and claimed someone had targeted him for “financial gain” over the incident.

“It’s a s—-y moment where you know you’re wrong. There’s no excuses for your behavior,” Hart said.

Hart is now one of the highest-paid comedians in Hollywood after snagging lucrative roles in the “Jumanji,” “Secret Life of Pets” and “Ride Along” franchises.

He was badly injured in a Sept. 1 car crash that totaled his vintage muscle car and landed him and friend in the hospital.

Reps for Hart did not respond to a request for comment Monday.

Sabbag held a press conference two years ago to deny speculation she was extorting Hart.

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Billy Battles His Inner Demons Who Take the Form of Loved Ones

Image: CBS

In the boathouse, Billy admits to Victoria that what Chloe claimed is true. He lured Adam to the route where Delia died and tried to kill him. Clearly something inside of him has unfinished business with Adam. Victoria feels now he can start to heal. Billy talks about a whole other Billy who takes over his mind and wants him to do bad things. He worries; what if he can’t make him go away? Victoria’s not scared – she knows the real Billy Abbott. She urges him to confront the part of himself that hasn’t healed; she’ll help him and believes in him. Billy can’t remember the last time he’s eaten, so she goes to get food.

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Once alone in the boathouse, Billy closes his eyes and opens them to see an older Delia. Billy sees a confident young woman and ruminates they would have had a great life together if not for Adam. Delia feels him going after Adam was understandable the first time, but laments all the work he did on himself is gone now that he’s backslid. Billy wants to get better. Delia argues if he’s capable of this years after she died, it’s who he is. Billy is trying to push the darkness out of himself. He explains the things he saw in the Chancellor Estate. Delia says the other side is so beautiful, but he won’t be allowed in because his heart and soul are full of malice.

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Billy turns to see Jack in the boathouse next. He calls Billy the world’s biggest screw-up. Billy knows he messed up and has to fix it. Jack rants he’s not fixable – he finally turned everything in his life around then set a torch to it because of his hatred for Adam. He’s weak. Billy tells Jack he’s wrong. He chews gum and informs Jack he’s letting his friendship with Adam cloud the issue – it’s family. Jack calls him obsessed and Billy shouts, “Screw you, Jack!” Jack runs down Billy’s transgressions and regrets not exiling him to Hong Kong permanently. Billy thinks Jack’s jealous of him. Jack hollers, “Who are you?” He warns he can only be one person – the good guy or the slacker. “Pick one and be done with it.”

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Reconsidering the ‘permanent ban’ on dengue vaccine

Most hospitals in Metro Manila are fully occupied these days, and I think it’s because of suspected dengue cases.

In July, the Department of Health (DOH) issued a national alert status for dengue. In August, several regions breached the threshold, and a national epidemic was declared. A 98-percent increase in dengue cases was reported from January to July this year, with close to 150,000 cases filling up the hospitals and a rising death toll.

Meanwhile, Filipinos who can afford it are bringing their children to Singapore for vaccination. Former Health Secretary Dr. Espie Cabral shared on our Viber group some information on how one can access the dengue vaccine.

One may go to the Singapore General Hospital and get tested for previous dengue infection, since in endemic areas like the Philippines, it’s possible to have been previously infected with dengue without knowing it. If the test turn out negative, vaccination is not advised. If positive for past infection, one proceeds to consult a physician there and get the prescription for vaccination.

The problem is that private clinics do not always have the vaccine in store, and the doctor orders only as needed. So one may have to wait until the vaccine is available.

You can imagine how costly getting a dengue vaccination now is for Filipinos. The price of the test is from S$60 (P2,330) to S$80 (P3,110), excluding doctor’s consultation fee which varies.

Adding the plane fare and accommodations for a few days until one gets the vaccine, expenses can reach more than P50,000 to get a dengue vaccine in Singapore.

That may be reasonable for some, but not for the millions of Filipinos who can barely make both ends meet.

Since the vaccine requires three doses, one has to go back to Singapore for the second and third doses. Dr. Cabral does not advise buying the second and third doses and bringing them back to the Philippines, since faulty storage can make the vaccine ineffective.

Sad irony

This is the sad irony of the dengue vaccine story. We were among the first countries in the world to have the vaccine available and use it massively, and now we have to spend a hefty sum just to have our children vaccinated because it is no longer available here.

I think the DOH and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) should reconsider the registration of the vaccine, but under strict instructions of usage.

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