John Harbaugh Reveals How Ravens Plan to Use Patrick Queen

The Baltimore Ravens have an exciting young linebacker at their disposal in Patrick Queen and for a while, folks have likely been pondering what it will look like when he hits the field in 2020 for the team.

While everyone will have to wait for images of that to officially surface at a later date, at the very least, folks now have been given some type of an idea how the team plans to use him. John Harbaugh recently joined and spoke about the plans for Queen as well as fellow rookie Malik Harrison this season.

As he said, there figures to be some diversity in what they will do, but the duo will see the field a ton.

“Let him use his speed and instincts to run around and make plays in all three phases, be a three-down guy both in our base package and our sub package.”

Coach Harbaugh expects big things from @Patrickqueen_.

— Baltimore Ravens (@Ravens) May 29, 2020

“We’ll play him probably at MIKE for the most part, right there in the middle. Let him use his speed and instincts to run around and make plays in all 3 phases and be a 3 down guy both in our base package and sub package,” Harbaugh explained. “Those guys will be rolling in there at those linebacker spots and we’ll see how much play time they earn. We expect them to earn a lot of playing time and play a lot of football this year. We’re really fired up about those guys.”

Given the team’s needs on defense, it’s safe to understand why anyone would be fired up about Queen and also Harrison. The pair are aggressive and tough, and are rock solid at positions where the Ravens had a big need after last season’s epic playoff collapse.

The quicker the rookies see the field and get accustomed to the pace of play, the better it will be for the Ravens in the end as the season progresses.

Ravens’ Patrick Queen Pick Lauded

From Hall of Famers like Tedy Bruschi to analysts such as Chris Simms and Bucky Brooks, nearly everyone loves the fit of Queen within the Baltimore defense already given what he can do on that side of the ball.

Here’s a sampling of some of the reactions that poured in after the Ravens revealed Queen as their first round selection over a month ago:

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Trump’s tear gas photo-op was ‘frightening’ to authoritarianism experts, who warn that his behavior will only get worse without ‘fierce opposition’

donald trump church

President Donald Trump on Monday threatened to deploy the military to quell nationwide unrest over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died after a Minnesota police officer knelt on his neck.
As Trump made these threats, a crowd of peaceful protesters were tear-gassed outside of the White House to clear the way for the president to walk to a nearby church for a photo-op.
Videos showed demonstrators being pushed, struck with batons, and tear-gassed. Democrats and critics of the president accuse him of employing authoritarian tactics.
Top experts on authoritarianism and fascism said this confrontation on live TV was “frightening,” and warned that the president could continue to escalate the situation if left unchallenged.
Some experts say that it’s too generous to label Trump an authoritarian or fascist, in the sense he doesn’t have a coherent political philosophy, but they also say this doesn’t make him “any less dangerous.”

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It was the type of story one might expect out of countries like China, Russia, and Iran, with well-documented human rights violations and regimes that use state-dominated media to convey the power and strength of the government and its leader.

A crowd of peaceful protesters demonstrating outside of the White House on Monday were tear-gassed and beaten to clear the way for President Donald Trump to take a photo at a nearby church.

Prior to the photo-op, Trump delivered a statement in the Rose Garden in which he threatened to deploy the US military if unrest that’s been consuming the country over the past week is not stopped by state and local leaders.

“If a city or state refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their residents, then I will deploy the United States Military and quickly solve the problem for them,” Trump said on Monday.

While Trump was talking, the sound of projectiles being fired could be heard in the distance. Trump in his remarks said he was an “ally of all peaceful protesters,” even as nonviolent demonstrators were targeted with a chemical agent on his behalf.

Experts who study authoritarian regimes say Trump is invoking an us-versus-them mentality that condones harsh, even military-style crackdowns on fellow citizens who are protesting, in what could be an effort to boost support among law enforcement and right-wing groups ahead of the November election. These …read more

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Raiders’ Derek Carr Has Revealing Insight on How He Works With Jon Gruden

Jon Gruden may be the head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, but there’s no doubt he’s spending the majority of his time working with the quarterbacks. He hasn’t tried to hide the fact that he’s focused on how the offense performs over the defense. He has Greg Olson as his offensive coordinator but it’s no secret who is really running the team’s offense.

Though Olson’s role isn’t huge, quarterback Derek Carr recently talked about working with both of his lead offensive coaches and praised both of them.

“They’re both sick when it comes to the details … like they’re both sick when it comes to protection, in the details of routes in all those things,” Carr said of Gruden and Olsen on The Underrated Hour podcast. “What really has helped me is that I’m playing the game with my physical body and coach Gruden’s mind, and I’m getting to the plays he wants and I’m making the checks that he wants … it just lets me see the game in a completely different way.”

Much is made about how difficult Gruden’s offense is to learn and it was clear that Carr needed at least a season to pick it up. He had a better grasp of it in 2019 and played much better. With a third season in the system on the docket, Carr should be a master of Gruden’s offense.

Carr Talks Amount of Turnover Raiders Have Had

In six seasons, Carr has had four different head coaches and even more offensive coordinators. For the first time in his career, Carr will be spending a third season in a system. Gruden isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and that could really help the quarterback out.

“There’s just always been so much turnover,” Carr said. “I think that really Mr. [Mark] Davis … he’s like ‘we’re giving [Gruden] a 10-year contract, we’re just gonna grow from the ground up and see where this thing takes us’ … it’s been, I think, the greatest thing not only for me but for a lot of our young guys to just get into a system and just grow in it every year.”

Stability is really important for teams to thrive. There’s a reason teams like the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks have been so successful. Once Gruden is able to build a winner, hopefully he can keep it consistent because the Raiders signed him for the long …read more



‘Just Mercy’ is now free to stream through the month of June to help educate people on systemic racism

Just Mercy

Warner Bros. has made “Just Mercy” free to rent on digital streaming platforms for the month of June.
The film is being offered as a resource to help educate people about the dangers of systemic racism.
Based on a true story, the movie focuses on the life of civil rights attorney Bryan Stevenson (Michael B. Jordan) as he fights to overturn the wrongful murder conviction of Walter McMillian (Jamie Foxx).
To learn more about Bryan Stevenson and his work with the Equal Justice Initiative, check out

In response to current events, Warner Bros. is now offering free streaming rentals for its film “Just Mercy.” The movie comes from director Destin Daniel Cretton, and stars Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx.

“Just Mercy” was originally released in theaters on January 10, 2020. The movie tells the true story of Bryan Stevenson (Jordan), a civil rights attorney who works to defend a man wrongfully convicted of murder.

You can rent “Just Mercy” for free right now through a variety of digital movie services in the US, including Apple TV, FandangoNow, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, Redbox, PlayStation Store, Vudu, Microsoft, and YouTube. The free rental will be available throughout the month of June.

The studio hopes that the film will serve as an educational resource for people who wish to learn more about the dangers of systemic racism in our society. To further elaborate on the decision to offer the free rental, Warner Bros. released the following statement on the film’s official website:

“We believe in the power of story.

Our film ‘Just Mercy,’ based on the life work of civil rights attorney Bryan Stevenson, is one resource we can humbly offer to those who are interested in learning more about the systemic racism that plagues our society.

For the month of June, ‘Just Mercy’ will be available to rent for free across digital platforms in the US.

To actively be part of the change our country is so desperately seeking, we encourage you to learn more about our past and the countless injustices that have led us to where we are today.

Thank you to the artists, storytellers and advocates who helped make this film happen. Watch with your family, friends and allies.For …read more

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