Mueller again indicts Russians, not guy from N.J. | Editorial

And if thinking Trump an idiot is a crime, then half the country is guilty. Does this mean we should abandon the Russia investigation?

President Trump and his shameless Republican defenders would have us all believe that the Russia investigation is nothing but a deep state witch hunt, born of one man’s bias.

They’re talking about FBI agent Peter Strzok, whose farcical hearing last week only further underscored the silliness of this claim.

Yes, the agent screwed up, as he concedes. He sent some text messages to a coworker he was having an affair with, expressing his disdain for Trump. While FBI agents are allowed to have political opinions, he was wrong to express them in this manner.

Trump-Putin meeting to follow NATO gathering at tense moment

Appearances matter, which is why Special Counsel Robert Mueller swiftly removed Strzok from the investigation as soon as he learned of it. But in an extensive review, summed up by a 500-page report, the Justice Department inspector general, Michael Horowitz, found no evidence that Strzok allowed his personal views about Trump to color his behavior.

No Republican has produced a shred of evidence that he acted with bias. And if thinking Trump an idiot is a crime, then half the country is guilty. Does this mean we should abandon the Russia investigation?

Just one day after that crazy hearing – in which Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert asked Strzok, “How many times did you look so innocent into your wife’s eye and lie to her,” as if his party has an ounce of moral standing on honesty or fidelity under this president, and New Jersey’s Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman shouted back, “Do you need your medication?”- more news of Russian indictments broke.

Mueller indicted 12 Russian military officers for trying to interfere with our 2016 presidential election, we learned Friday – by hacking into computers, stealing documents and releasing them. He did not indict China, a guy from New Jersey or “somebody sitting on their bed who weighs 400 pounds,” whom Trump has alternatively suggested may have carried this whole thing out.

No, the culprits were, once again, Kremlin officials, despite Trump’s repeated assertions that Vladimir Putin says his people had nothing to do with this, and he seems like a stand-up guy, so why not believe him?

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A woman dropped her iPhone 1,000 feet from a plane and then found it hours later in perfect working order

Sarvinder Naberhaus 2

A woman from Iowa found her phone in perfect working order after dropping it 1,000 feet from a plane.
Sarvinder Naberhaus told local TV news, WHO TV, that she found the phone hours later using the Find My iPhone app.
She said the incident showed that “God has a great sense of humour.”

A woman has described how she dropped her iPhone from a plane and then found it in perfect working condition using the Find My iPhone app.

Sarvinder Naberhaus, from Iowa, US, took a leisure flight on a vintage American aeroplane. She was taking pictures from the passenger seat when the wind caught her phone and ripped it from her grasp.

“The wind just took it and it was gone. I looked down and there were cornfields below me,” Naberhaus told Iowa local TV station, WHO TV. Rob Lock, the pilot, told her she’d never see it again after it fell 1,000 feet.

But after landing, Naberhaus fired up the Find My iPhone app. It failed at first, but just as she was about to head out to buy a new phone, the app sparked into life with the location of her iPhone.

Naberhaus and a friend eventually found it nestled in a patch of grass in a residential area. The device did not have a scratch on it, and was working perfectly.

“It was face up in the grass right by me, and it was really nice, tall, soft grass,” Naberhaus laughed, adding that it taught her that “God has a great sense of humour.”

You can watch the full WHO TV report here:

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