Stocks will see a big surge in the 1st quarter of 2021 after stimulus passes, forecasts billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones

Paul Tudor Jones

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Billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones told CNBC the stock market could see a large gain at the beginning of 2021 due to the next fiscal stimulus. 
Jones pointed to the stock-buying spree that occurred after the first stimulus was passed in the spring. “Robinhood nation … went crazy and bought stocks,” he said. 
He also discussed how Joe Biden’s tax plan will help Main Street, but could cause financial assets to “suffer a great deal” over the long run.

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Billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones told CNBC on Thursday the stock market could see a large gain in the beginning of 2021 after the next stimulus is passed. 

“At some point in the first quarter next year you’re going to have a big move to the upside from whatever level that might be, as people get cash from this first stimulus program and they deploy that in a variety of financial assets,” Jones said.

The founder of Tudor Investment Corp. pointed to the large amount of buying that occurred after the CARES Act stimulus bill passed last spring.

“Robinhood nation … went crazy and bought stocks,” Jones said. 

He expects stimulus to be passed in the next six to eight weeks and total around $1.7 trillion. But the end of 2020 could be shakier for stocks, he added. 

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“I could easily see a situation where the market sells off in the year end, and then you have that typical beginning of the year rally, that might ramp all the way through the end of the first quarter, certainly the mid-part of the first quarter,” he said.

Jones also said that Joe Biden’s capital-gains tax plan would cause financial assets to “suffer a great deal” over the long run should he win the presidency.

“If you go back and look in history there’s an inverse relationship — it’s loose but it’s clearly there — between stocks multiples and capital-gains tax,” he said.

“I think the Biden tax plan is actually going to do exactly what it’s designed to do, which is to help Main Street, help the average American,” said Jones. “And it’s going to come at the expense of the 1%, primarily whose wealth …read more

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An investing shop overseeing $476 billion analyzed 650 stocks to fine-tune its election strategy. The firm’s experts break down the trades to make around a Biden win — and explains how investors can keep portfolios safe.

Joe Biden

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With the November election less than two weeks away, investors should brace themselves for a bumpy ride.

In fact, the market this year has already experienced more elevated volatility against nearly all major events in the past 14 years, with the exception of the 2008 global financial crisis, according to David Goodman, senior equity research analyst at Columbia Threadneedle Investments. 

“It’s very natural for people to be curious about what the markets are pricing in for the day after the elections, and using options contracts that expire before the election — the day before and the day after. Currently, it’s pricing in a plus or minus 3% move,” Goodman said on a Tuesday media call.

To prepare for even more heightened volatility around the election season, the firm — which oversees $476 billion — asked its equity research team to score the 650 stocks under its coverage based on 13 policy categories: trade, taxes, regulation, banks/finance, housing, defense, healthcare, energy, social policies, education, labor, immigration, and election reform. 

Each analyst scored their stocks under coverage on a range of positive to negative two, with two being very favorable and negative two being very unfavorable, and zero being neutral against the current environment.

“We are not taking a house view on who we think will win the election. We’re solely scoring this on a relative scale for the policy inputs that we think impact the business models,” Goodman said. 

He continued: “And it allows us to have a numeric output that allows the analyst as well as the fund manager to look at intended or unintended exposures, and whether we should make a decision as to that’s something that we would like to have exposure to or not.”

The team, which first analyzed the 650 stocks in December 2019, completed the analyses again in April and August this year as candidates’ policies became more transparent.

Winners and losers in a Biden win

Under a second Trump term, existing policies such as limits on immigration and trade, tax cuts, and deregulation are likely to continue or accelerate, according to the money manager. However, in a Biden victory, the sector winners and losers could change swiftly, it said. 

In a Biden win, the sector with the most favorable average scoring across analyst coverage was utilities, according to the team’s research. 

“The driver here really is a function of investment in the infrastructure and fiscal spending,” Goodman said of utilities’ likelihood to benefit …read more

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Gucci is debuting a new fashion line — in ‘The Sims 4’

Gucci sims items

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Gucci is going virtual.

The luxury brand’s newest drop, a fashion campaign called “Off The Grid,” is now available in the classic role-playing game “The Sims 4.” Players can now dress and accessorize their virtual avatars in Gucci hats, backpacks, sneakers, and more.

The luxury brand teamed up with “The Sims” content creators Harrie and Grimcookies to bring exclusive Gucci-branded content to the game, including a custom-built treehouse and apparel. In real life, the “Off The Grid” campaign focuses on using sustainable materials like recycled nylon, as part of a what they call a circular fashion model.

Digitally recreated pieces from #GucciOffTheGrid by @thegrimcookies, which can be downloaded by @TheSims 4 players in-game. #GucciEquilibrium

— gucci (@gucci) October 22, 2020

Gucci isn’t the only campaign experimenting with in-game marketing. This month, Joe Biden’s presidential campaign released special items, such as campaign posters, in the game “Animal Crossing.” An avatar of the former vice president can even be found milling about an island of his own in the game. Brands like Glossier and Tatcha have also turned to “Animal Crossing” to reach potential customers.

Take a look at videos of Gucci collaboration below. “Sims 4” players can download the pieces in-game.


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REVIEW: The $65,000 Genesis GV80 SUV is a lavish chariot with an interior that puts the competition to shame

2021 Genesis GV80_KL_3

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If you don’t recognize the front grille on the 2021 Genesis GV80 — or, indeed, the name Genesis at all — you’re not alone. All you need to know is that there’s a new, midsize luxury crossover entering the fray. And it’s quite a nice one, too.

The GV80 is brand new for 2021. It comes with two engine choices, either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, and an optional third row of seating. By now, this is a pretty standard formula for the overly saturated luxury midsize crossover segment. 

The trick is seeing what the GV80 does differently.

The genesis of a Genesis SUV

In 2015, Hyundai spun off its Genesis nameplate — which had previously been worn by a sporty coupe and then, later, an executive sedan — into a separate, global luxury brand. Five years and three Genesis-branded sedans later, Genesis launched the GV80 as the fourth Genesis model worldwide and the first SUV the brand’s ever offered. 

After this, we can expect the more compact and upcoming GV70 SUV to further balance out Genesis’ sedan-heavy lineup. The brand may be new, but it follows in the current South Korean automaker philosophy, which is to make quality cars that people actually want to buy. 

The quality aspect of the plan, at least, is taking off nicely. Genesis was among the top-ranked brands on J.D. Power’s Initial Quality Study in 2018. It was also crowned Consumer Reports’ top brand in the US that same year. This past February, Genesis took the top spot in J.D. Power’s Vehicle Dependability Study.

With high accolades come high expectations, and Genesis’ newest offering certainly commanded the latter.

Details and safety ratings: Two engine options

Underpinning the GV80 is the rear-wheel-drive platform that’s shared with the G80 sedan. Unlike the Hyundai Palisade, which shares its platform with the Kia Telluride, a Genesis spokesperson said the GV80 and G80 platform will only be found in Genesis products.

Two engine options are available, both with eight-speed automatic transmissions. The first is a 2.5-liter, turbocharged inline-four that’s good for a claimed 300 horsepower and 311 pound-feet of torque. In rear-wheel drive guise, it gets an estimated 21 mpg in the city, 25 mpg on the highway, and 23 mpg combined. In all-wheel drive setup, those figures drop slightly to an estimated 21 mpg in the city, 25 mpg on the highway, and 22 mpg combined.

The second engine …read more

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