4 lottery winners who lost it all

Lottery winners’ lives aren’t always better with millions — 70% of lottery winners go bankrupt in just a few years, according to the National Endowment for Financial Education.
For some, the moment they receive their prize money can come with grim after-effects like divorce, theft, lawsuits, drug addiction, overspending, and even death threats.
Watch the video above to learn about four people whose lives took a turn for the worse the moment they won the lottery.

The Powerball and Mega Millions lottery jackpots have reached over $1 billion combined, as of this writing. There’s a lot you can do with that kind of money, like try the most expensive tasting menu in the world or buy a private jet.

But winning two lotteries is even less likely than winning one — math suggests you shouldn’t even play.

Winning millions in cash can be more of a target than a blessing, earning you more attention than you expected. Some family members, exes, and spouses have plotted their own claim to the money by any means necessary, including lawsuits, divorces, and even attempts to kill the winner. For that reason, there are a couple things people can do if they win.

It’s important to remember that money doesn’t solve all of life’s problems. In fact, many lottery winners’ lives took a turn for the worse, and they also managed to lose all the money.

Watch the video above to learn about four people whose lives took a turn for the worse the moment they won the lottery.

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Ralph Garman and Kevin Smith keep it light and funny on Hollywood Babble-On

It’s a tricky time for American comedians who want to comment on pop culture without dipping too deeply into the political turmoil of their country.

For eight years, actor/DJ Ralph Garman and filmmaker Kevin Smith have been skewering the strange and often absurd world of celebrity on their podcast, Hollywood Babble-On, and building an international audience of listeners in the process.

They set their sights on the usual subjects: Gwyneth Paltrow’s unhinged health advice, Lindsay Lohan’s carousing, virtually anything to do with Justin Bieber. (That bit even has its own theme song.)

But how could any commentator resist talking about the most strange and absurd celebrity of them all, who just happens to currently occupy the White House?

“We do dabble,” says Garman, in an interview from his home in Los Angeles. “Because there is a big crossover now between show business and American politics. When the President is taking a serious meeting with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian and the guy used to host a reality show himself, you can’t help but realize there is a connection between the two in this country. But, also, you get inundated over here with it so much and our show has always skewed toward the lighter side. We like to provide, not really an escape, but maybe a relief where we don’t harp on it too much. I think Kevin and I both have personal feelings about it that we would like to express. But you have to know the time and place for those things. We’ve kind of discussed it and feel that Hollywood Babble-On should be, not a safe zone, but a place where you can go see the show, laugh, and not have to pick a side.”

Besides, the inherent goofiness of celebrity culture is not a well that is likely to go dry anytime soon. Garman and Smith will bring Hollywood Babble-On to Calgary’s Bella Concert Hall at Mount Royal University on Oct. 19. The pair has always performed their podcast in front of a live audience in Los Angeles. But over the years, the show has continued to evolve beyond the confines of the podcast. Now, it’s more of a multimedia show, with video and theme songs and audience participation and improv.

Up until 2017, Garman was the longtime morning host of KROQ in Los Angeles. Part of his duties included doing a roundup of the entertainment news. Smith, whose film credits as …read more

Source:: Calgaryherald.com