Who Daniel Thomas Broderick Left Out of His Will

The life and murder of Daniel Thomas Broderick is a major piece of USA’s Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story, premiering on Tuesday, June 2. Broderick and his wife Linda were murdered in 1989 by his ex-wife, Betty Broderick.

Networthpost.org estimates that Daniel Broderick’s net worth was $1.6 million. While theirs is the only reported net worth for Broderick, a report by the Los Angeles Times on November 15, 1989, following Broderick’s death, claims the estate was worth “over $60,000.”

Dan Broderick Did Not Name His Daughter Lee in His Will

After Broderick was murdered in 1989, he was survived by his children Kim, Rhett, Daniel, and Lee. According to the Los Angeles Times, while Broderick had 4 children, he only named 3 of them in his will – 18-year-old Lee was not included.

Broderick amended his will on August 9, 1988 (one year before his murder) to specify that “I specifically make no provision in this will for my daughter, Lee Gordon Broderick.” For the other 3 children, the estate was to be divided equally, with each named child receiving half of their share at the age of 25 and the other half when they turned 30. At the time Broderick died, Kimberly was 19 years old, Daniel IV was 13, and Rhett was 10.

In response to being omitted from the will, Lee revealed “He had told me before that he was going to write me out, but I didn’t think he would. But he did.” Lee was Broderick’s second-oldest daughter.

Dan Broderick Was Making $1 Million Annually Before His Death

According to the Los Angeles Times, Betty and Dan were at odds regarding how much alimony money Dan owed her annually. Betty believed she deserved $30,000 a month, while Dan said she should only be entitled to $7,316 monthly. At the time, Broderick was making $1 million a year as a successful attorney.

The article reveals that following their separation in August 1985, the two eventually agreed that Dan would give Betty $9,036 a month, tax-free, to cover her monthly expenses. Between August 1985 and December 1986, Dan paid that alimony monthly and claimed to also pay Betty four payments of $10,000 or more. He claimed that one of those payments was as much as $127,784 after they sold their La Jolla home. He also purchased …read more

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Weber State investigating ‘abhorrent’ tweets from professor

Weber State University criminal justice professor Scott Senjo | Weber State University

Online petition calls for removal of professor Scott Senjo

SALT LAKE CITY — More than 1,000 people have signed an online petition calling for the ouster of Weber State University criminal justice professor Scott Senjo.

The professor allegedly posted provocative tweets commenting on protests and news media in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who died at the hands of Minneapolis police on May 25.

Videos of the arrest show officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes before he died. Chauvin, who has been fired, faces charges of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

WSU officials said the “abhorrent” social media posts are under investigation and are inconsistent with the school’s values.

Some of Senjo’s alleged tweets were aimed at news organizations or journalists.

Responding to a tweet by a Wall Street Journal reporter Tyler Blint-Welsh, who tweeted his ankle was injured and glasses knocked off when he was reportedly struck in the face by New York City police multiple times with riot shields despite wearing a press credential and holding his hands up, Senjo allegedly responded:

“Excellent. If I was the cop, you wouldn’t be able to tweet.”

Another tweet @ProfSenjo referred to protestors vandalizing the CNN building in Atlanta: “Nothing about this makes me happy but there’s this tiny sense of rightness in the burning of the CNN headquarters.”

Still another addressed a widely-viewed video of New York Police Department vehicles that plowed into a crowd of protestors.

The tweet said: “That’s not how I would have driven the car into the crowd.”

The Change.org petition posted Sunday says in part: “His tweets go against freedom of speech and diversity of opinion as he is pushing for violence against press, as well as people of color. Criminal justice students at Weber deserve better. Students of color at Weber deserve better. This is a call for Weber State University to do better and be better by firing Scott Senjo.”

It notes, “Weber State University has a long standing tradition of embracing freedom of speech and diversity of opinion. Professor Senjo’s tweets do not represent these values.”

Senjo did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Senjo is a tenured professor who has taught at Weber State University for 20 years. He holds a number of advanced degrees, including a doctorate from Florida Atlantic University, a law degree …read more

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What you can do with an IP address, and how to protect yours from hackers

Dell XPS 15 2019

With someone’s IP address, you can learn a user’s general location, and disable some parts of their internet browsing experience.
Every device connected to the internet has an IP address, which helps websites identify your computer.
Using third-party programs or services, someone with your IP address could possibly block you from reaching certain websites.
If you’re concerned about the security of your IP address, consider installing a firewall and VPN.
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Every device that connects to the internet has an IP (Internet Protocol) address. The IP address, which is composed of a series of numbers separated by decimal points, looks something like “”

This number is used to help devices talk to each other and exchange data. Your network router has its own IP address, of course, as does every device on your network.

But because these identifiers are so important, that means a hacker can potentially use them against you.

Here’s what you should know about your IP address, and what it can be used for.

What you can do with an IP address

Firstly: most users won’t have to worry about any of this. It’s unlikely that any hacker would take the time to learn your specific IP address, and manipulate your specific device. There’s no real reward in it for them, so unless they love playing pranks, it would be a waste of time.

In fact, every website you visit already knows your IP address — that’s how they know to load on your computer, as opposed to someone else’s.

That said, armed with your IP address, someone has the potential to take certain actions against your network. As such, it’s a good idea to keep your IP private from individuals you don’t know.

They could:

Block you from accessing websites

It’s possible to use your IP address to prevent you from performing certain online activities. The most common example of this is blocking your ability to reach a certain site, or to post messages in forums or the comment section of web sites.

In fact, this is the most common way that website administrators ban rulebreakers. It’s often referred to as an “IP Ban.”

Your IP address can also be used to block or ban you from playing online games on some gaming services.

Learn your general geographic location

Your IP address can reveal your geographic location. …read more

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NFL Requiring Summer Training Camps to Take Place at Team Facilities: Report

Adjustments and restrictions have continued to be made as the NFL gears up for the 2020 season, and the latest change says they will be grounded when it comes to where they practice this summer.

ESPN reporter Adam Schefter tweeted out the news Tuesday, with the first report coming out of WSPA-TV in Spartanburg, South Carolina after news that the Carolina Panthers would not be practicing in the area this summer.

And so the NFL has told all its teams that they must stay at their team facilities for this summer’s training camps.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) June 2, 2020

The NFL and its respective teams are having to make quick adjustments thanks to the spread of COVID-19, which has shaken up the NFL schedule since shelter-in-place orders began across the country in March.

ESPN staff writer David Newton released this update early Tuesday afternoon before Schefter’s tweet.

The Panthers will not hold training camp at Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina, for the first time in team history dating back to 1995. A source told WSPA TV In Spartanburg the NFL soon will make an announcement that teams must remain at their own facilities for preseason camps that begin in late July.

Cowboys Not Heading to Oxnard

While Carolina will not be practicing at Wofford for the first time in their franchise history, one of the NFL’s most storied teams, the Dallas Cowboys, are also breaking a long streak, according to ESPN staff writer Todd Archer.

The Cowboys will not be heading to Oxnard, California, for training camp this summer with the league directing teams to remain at their own facilities because of the coronavirus pandemic, according to multiple sources. Last week coach Mike McCarthy said the staff was planning separate camp schedules for practices at The Star in Frisco, Texas, as well as Oxnard. Since 2012, the Cowboys have held camp in Oxnard. The league has not made a determination on when training camps will open.

As Archer mentions, Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy said the team was preparing for both outcomes, including one in which Dallas practices in Frisco, Texas.

“As a staff, we’re planning for a full training camp, and we’re also planning for a training camp in Oxnard; we’re planning for a training camp in Frisco,” Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said. “We spent an enormous amount of time in the …read more

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