The Seattle Seahawks could be a surprising landing spot for one of the more notable star quarterbacks in the league.

Andrew Perloff — host of CBS Sports’ Maggie and Perloff Show — proposed an odd trade scenario that would see Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott land with the Seahawks. The proposal comes hours after Prescott was ripped by critics for his role in Dallas’ 19-12 loss to the San Francisco 49ers. Prescott’s two interceptions played a key role in the team’s elimination from the playoffs.

“How about this trade… since most of you don’t like Dak, send him to Seattle to see how he does throwing to DK and Lockett w/ a good run game,” said Perloff. “I’m genuinely curious.”

Why Scenario of Seahawks Trading for Dak Prescott is Unrealistic

The idea of Prescott landing with the Seahawks is an odd scenario for many reasons. For one, the Seahawks already have a franchise quarterback in Geno Smith. However, he is a free agent, meaning there’s a very realistic possibility Seattle is left looking for another quarterback if Smith chooses to sign a deal elsewhere.

Secondly, the Cowboys have already stressed their commitment to Prescott as their quarterback following the loss to San Francisco. Team owner Jerry Jones essentially shut down the idea of Dallas trading Prescott following their playoff loss.

“Give me that setup, with Dak Prescott, I feel very strongly that we will win,” Jones said following the loss, per Sports Illustrated’s Mike Fisher. “My (commitment to Dak) is just as strong as ever. … I take (my chances with him) again and again and again.”

Perloff seems to be trying to make a point that if Prescott had the weapons that the Seahawks currently feature in DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett and Kenneth Walker, he would be a different quarterback.

It’s worth noting that Prescott played the entire second half without his star running back, Tony Pollard. Secondly, he only really had one go-to receiver in CeeDee Lamb during the entire season.

With all of that said, this seems to be more of a dream scenario than anything else. The Cowboys are not likely to trade Prescott this offseason and it’s hard to envision Seattle trading assets in exchange for Dallas’ starting quarterback. Especially given the fact that the Seahawks already feature their own star quarterback coming off of a Pro Bowl campaign.

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