Ty Pennington is very comfortable on camera, having modeled, acted, and hosted television shows since the 1980s.

His latest on-camera work sees the “Rock the Block” host acting as a spokesperson for Caesar Slots in the newest commercial for their gambling app. The commercial sees Pennington trying his luck with various superstitions, including walking under a ladder, shattering a mirror, and sitting with a black cat in his lap, all while playing on the app.

Heavy had the chance to talk with Pennington about this project, as well as the upcoming season of “Rock the Block”, and the host shared some of the lucky, and unlucky, moments in his life and career.

Ty Pennington Shares His Lucky Break

When asked about the luckiest moment in his life, Ty Pennington told Heavy that he’s had “a few”, and shared the story of his first break into the modeling world after being spotted by a modeling scout while in art school.

“I’ve always believed in luck, and one of the things with me is, if a door opens I would just go through that door,” Pennington told Heavy, “And [after being referred by the modeling scout] I went to this agency, and while I was in there – you have to understand, this was in the 80s, I had a rat tail and I had a mullet – the agency was like, ‘I’m sorry, who said you could model?’ I said ‘This guy! I swear to god’.”

The agency wasn’t quite sure what to do with Pennington, however, he noticed a Japanese scout in the room was pointing over at him and laughing, so Pennington asked directly, “‘What is that guy’s problem?’ and [the agents responded], ‘He’s a Japanese scout.’ So he came over to me and said ‘You should come to Japan,’ and I said ‘Why?’ and he said ‘To make money,’ and I said ‘When do we leave?’”

Pennington went to Japan to begin his modeling career, and he credits this time in his life for opening his eyes to the world, giving him an opportunity to experience new cultures and travel. He also says this period made him comfortable appearing on camera, and in turn, allowed him to make others appear comfortable on camera, which was a driving force behind his successful modeling career.

“I asked this director [once] ‘Why do you keep hiring me?’ They’re like …read more

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EXCLUSIVE: Ty Pennington Shares Luckiest Moment of His Life

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