The major ad campaign launched last year by the “He Gets Us” movement aims to help people see Jesus in new ways.

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The videos, sprinkled as they are between ads for fast food restaurants and luxury cars, always catch me off guard. Rather than advertise a new product, they shine a light on Christian teachings and, more specifically, the story of Jesus Christ.

Sponsored by a notable new campaign called “He Gets Us,” the videos are meant to make people see Jesus in new ways, whether or not they identify as Christian. And if you’ve been watching the NFL playoffs, you’ve probably seen several of them over the past two weeks.

“We’ve had three ads that have been running on a lot of the big sports networks leading up to the Super Bowl,” said Jordan Carson, spokesperson and director of communications for “He Gets Us.” “We are trying to introduce people, including some who might be skeptical of Christianity, to Jesus’ relevance in modern-day life and call upon Christians to reflect his teachings in the way they treat other people.”

As of Friday, Jan. 20, “He Gets Us” ads aired during the NFL playoffs had generated more than 166 million impressions, according to company data that was shared with me. A Religion News Service report on the campaign from October said that the “He Gets Us” team launched with a $100 million budget.

The overall goal of the “He Gets Us” movement, Carson said, is to ensure that people associate the story of Jesus with love, rather than hate. The ads may not bring people to church, but they’ll hopefully help them think about faith in new ways, she said.

Last week, Carson shared more with me about “He Gets Us,” including the campaign’s decision to run ads during NFL games. This conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

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Source:: Deseret News – Sports News


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