Kaylie Hill.

In 2016, Kaylie Hill quit her job to launch a cleaning business in Orange County, California. 
In 2022, she booked $150,000 in revenue and surpassed 1 million TikTok followers.
Here are her best tips for launching a cleaning business and generating multiple income streams.

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Kaylie Hill always knew her business would become successful. It was just a matter of when. 

In 2016, Hill started Neat and Clean, a home-cleaning and organizing business based in Orange County, California. Since then, she’s generated a loyal customer base and earned nearly $150,000 in revenue last year from a mix of cleaning clients and social media income, according to documents verified by Insider.

Part of her success stems from her TikTok account, where more than 1 million followers watch her organize client homes, learn cleaning tips, and get advice on launching their own cleaning startup through her digital-training program Tidycademy.

Her business guidance comes at a crucial time for women, who lost more jobs than men during the pandemic. What’s more, they’re moving to gig work in record numbers: Women represent 46% of the independent-contracting workforce as of 2021, a 13% increase from 2017, according to the policy group the American Action Forum.

Additionally, work-when-you-can schedules and the ability to change jobs based on COVID-19 restrictions make gig work appealing for women, according to Axios. 

Despite the pandemic closing many businesses, Hill says the cleaning industry has “proven to be pandemic-proof” as her startup has become more profitable each year since its founding.

Here are Hill’s three steps for building a cleaning business, using TikTok to grow your customer base, and teaching a new class of entrepreneurs. 

Set the right price based on market research

Hill originally went to school for orthodontics and held other jobs in administration but didn’t want to “sit in a cube all day, writing emails and entering data,” she said. She quit her job, launched Neat and Clean (now called Tidycademy), and promoted the business through paper flyers and free listings on Craigslist. However, she’s since transitioned to TikTok as her primary mode of marketing and brand building.

For entrepreneurs looking to launch their own cleaning business, Hill emphasized the importance of using market research to determine your prices. She charges clients between $40 and $50 per hour and encourages other cleaners …read more

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Meet the millennial founder who booked $150K last year with her cleaning business. Here’s how she built her company with multiple income streams.

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