Shaquille O’Neal loves Chip Fu — AKA Roderick Roachford, former Fu-Schnickens member — and Shaq is putting Fu’s sounds together with his “baby hairs” look.

Shaq — with his 28 million Instagram followers — knows that a good social media needs all the ingredients of his special formula: it’s got to be hypnotizing, mesmerizing, hopefully funny and totally unapologetic.

That’s where Chip Fu comes in, giving Shaq the “champion sound” he needs to pull off the look. And when the tune itself is hypnotizing too? Bingo.

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Fans are used to seeing the baby hairs look on stars like Jennifer Lopez, but as one of Shaq’s follower accounts points out in the comments, “That’s right – men can have baby hairs too.”

Shaq reminded many fans less of JLo than of another American icon — one who made the bald with baby hairs look famous long before Shaq even knew about Chip Fu. That’s right, Charlie Brown is the name that keeps popping up in the comments.

Another Shaq follower says, “the baby hair waves look amazing on you Uncle Shaq.” But it isn’t for everybody, as evidenced by one “hell nah” and another “wtf is that?” But Shaq is aimed for what he wants, and one commenter seems to nail the objective, writing: “This gonna turn into a meme just watch.”

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Shaquille O’Neal’s Baby Hairs Look Giving Charlie Brown Vibes

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