Stanley’s 40-ounce tumblers retail for $40 to $50, according to the company website. Social media users are praising the cups for their design and ability to keep drinks chilled.

Stanley tumblers had a surge of popularity in 2022 with many calling it the new “it” portable drinkware.
Stanley is beating out drinkware from other brands that previously dominated the market.
Here are the beloved water bottle brands that are now falling by the wayside. 

As more consumers move away from single-use plastics and toward a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, the reusable water bottle market is reaping the benefits — especially beloved brands like Stanley. 

The market was valued at nearly $9 billion in 2021, and it’s expected to reach close to $12 billion by 2028, according to a 2022 study done by market intelligence company SkyQuest. Stanley is cashing in on that growth: In February 2022, Stanley was named the fastest-growing equipment accessories brand, with sales growing by 275% in 2021, the company told the New York Times earlier this year. 

In recent months, Stanley’s 40-ounce tumblers — which retail for between $40 and $50 — have become the internet’s latest obsession, thanks to their sleek design and ability to keep drinks chilled for long periods of time. 

Before these colorful tumblers took over your TikTok, these are the six brands that dominated the reusable water bottle market. 

Hydro Flask

TikTokers have begun poking fun at Hydro Flasks — once an immensely popular Gen Z trend touted by VSCO girls — now that they’ve been dethroned by Stanley tumbler users.

However, the lack of interest may transcend social media. This month, Hydro Flask’s parent company, Helen of Troy, announced a third-quarter 10% decline in net sales, according to a press release. 

The 32-ounce Wide Mouth water bottle — listed as a bestseller — retails for $44.95.

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In 2021, plastic water bottles accounted for 35% of revenue for the reusable water bottle industry, according to an analysis report from Grand View Research. 

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Source:: Business Insider


The Stanley tumbler is the latest trendy water bottle taking over TikTok — here are the 6 brands it’s beating out, from Hydro Flask to Camelbak

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