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Disney, M&Ms, the Oscars, electric cars and, especially, cancel culture has been referred to as “woke,” and the people perpetuating these beliefs the “woke mob.” But where does this term come from?

What is ‘woke’?

Merriam-Webster states that “woke,” an American slang, means “aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice).”

Meanwhile, the Oxford dictionary describes it as an alertness “to racial or social discrimination and injustice,” as previously reported by Jennifer Graham.

The word, first printed in a New York Times essay in 1962 traditionally meant “conscious” and “aware,” according to Fox News.


America’s ‘Great Awokening,’ explained

“Originally slang used by Black Americans, the word became part of the national lexicon in the past few years. But its meaning has already changed, and there is a divide in how the word is perceived, a divide that is both political and generational,” wrote Graham early last year.

It’s a term progressives and liberals aspire to be while conservatives view it as akin to a joke, and sometimes, a social evil, like cancel culture, she added.

What is the ‘woke mob’?

Blake Masters, an Arizona Republican running for U.S. Senate, said during his appearance at the Turning Point Action rallies that he hopes his state can follow in Florida’s footsteps.

“Thanks to Mark Kelly, Arizonans have none of the basics — a secure border, safe streets, functioning economy, or schools that actually teach our kids,” …read more

Source:: Deseret News – Utah News


What is the ‘woke mob’ and has its meaning changed over time?

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