Marcus “Head” Howell, Zach “Z-Bo” Randolph, and Moneybagg Yo.

NLess Entertainment co-founders Zach Randolph and Marcus Howell spoke to Insider about the trajectory of their independent record label.
They discussed the rise of their first artist, Moneybagg Yo, drawing on the music “hotbed” of Memphis, and their plans to expand into sports management. 

Last month, I spoke to former NBA star Zach “Z-Bo” Randolph and Marcus “Head” Howell about the trajectory of NLess Entertainment, the independent record label they co-founded in 2016.

In a brief Zoom call, Randolph and Howell broke down the platinum rise of Moneybagg Yo, their first signed artist, and the talent they’ve drawn from the historical music “hotbed” of Memphis, Tennessee. 

We also discussed their close connection to hip-hop artist and entrepreneur Yo Gotti and their plans to expand NLess into the world of sports management.

‘Staying in the studio’

The success of NLess Entertainment has coincided directly with the ascension of its first signee.

After signing with NLess in 2016, Moneybagg Yo released his debut studio album, “Reset,” and steadily built momentum with each subsequent LP. The wave culminated in a series of plaques with his fifth studio release, “A Gangsta’s Pain,” in 2021, a platinum album backed by two platinum singles, “Wockesha” and “Time Today.”

“The key to Bagg’s success is just his drive,” Randolph said. “All the time he puts in a studio, and he’s putting his creative mind together and coming up with songs, albums. It’s his worth ethic. He’s always in the labs.”

The two-time NBA All-Star compared Bagg’s effort to the work he put into his own career on the hardwood: “Like me in basketball, I’m always in the gym. That’s how I get better. So with this, like I tell a lot of the artists, my artists: Keep on working, keep pushing, keep going for it. Stay in the studio, stay in the lab, work on your sound, work on your delivery. All that plays a part of Bagg long run.”

“Man, staying in the studio,” Howell reinforced. “Bagg work hard. Actually, he probably in the studio now. We have to drag the man out the studio. Bagg’s a guy, he like to work out, he like to take care of his kids, and he like to be in the studio all day. So, working hard, like Zach said, you know, like he be in the …read more

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Former NBA star Zach Randolph & Marcus ‘Head’ Howell on building NLess Entertainment and the rise of Moneybagg Yo

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