Some NFL team builders believe that if you don’t have a bonified superstar at quarterback, you should draft a rookie every year until you find one.

Under current general manager Joe Douglas, the New York Jets have already done that two out of three draft classes — selecting James Morgan in 2020 and Zach Wilson in 2021. And rumor has it, they could select another QB in 2023.

During an article with The Athletic, beat reporter Zack Rosenblatt wrote that he hears that “it wouldn’t be a shock if the Jets wound up drafting a quarterback” again this April. “Maybe not in the first round (unless someone they view as a potential franchise quarterback fell to No. 13),” he explained, “but on Day 2 or Day 3.”

This plan would pair with a starter like Derek Carr, and Rosenblatt also added that “the Jets might be in a position to trade back from the 13th pick, too,” so long as Douglas does not trade that selection to the Green Bay Packers for Aaron Rodgers.

Quarterback Prospects That Could Make Sense for the Jets in 2023

The Jets have plenty of holes to fill and most fans agree that they would rather see Gang Green spend their first-round pick on another position this year. Now, a trade down could alter that opinion — potentially — as Rosenblatt alludes, but it’s more likely that Douglas only spends his top pick on a QB if that player is Rodgers.

Going off that theory, you eliminate prospects like Bryce Young, C.J. Stroud, Will Levis, and recent draft riser Anthony Richardson.

That leaves a list that includes a few big-name college signal-callers, as well as several promising developmental passers from smaller schools. Topping the list of non-top four QBs is probably Tennessee’s Herndon Hooker.

NFL Draft Buzz actually ranked Hooker above Richardson, calling him “a quality prospect who has faced adversity during his college career but now seems in an ideal place to take the next step.” They highlighted his quick release and live arm, accuracy on short throws, mobility, intelligence, and high character.

On the other hand, Ian Cummings of Pro Football Network did note “questions about his age, independence within the offense, and immediate availability.” In a developmental role behind a veteran like Carr or Jimmy Garoppolo, these concerns might not …read more



Jets Insider Rumors 2023 QB Selection, Potential Draft Day Trade

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