Danielle Olivera had an emotional year in 2022, first because of her major fallout with her best friend Lindsay Hubbard, which will air on season 7 of “Summer House,” followed by her breakup with Robert Sieber in November 2022.

The longtime Bravo star recently revealed that she wished Hubbard would have reached out after her split with Sieber despite their rift but that she still hasn’t heard anything from her former friend. “It bothers me that we haven’t gotten to that point yet of like, reaching out, especially what’s going on in my personal life with Robert,” she told Betches’ “Mention It All” podcast on February 27, 2023.

“I thought there was a hope that maybe she’d be like, ‘Hey, I know we’re not in a good place right now or I’m not speaking but I just want to let you know that I heard what’s going on and I’m here for you,’” she continued. “Something like that. But no, she’s planning a wedding,” Olivera concluded drily. Hubbard is engaged to her co-star Carl Radke, with the proposal set to air on season 7.

The clip of those comments was shared to the Bravo By Betches Instagram account, where Hubbard shared her perspective in the comments. “No.. I didn’t reach out because I wasn’t ready to forgive all the things she did and said over summer – where she made it clear she was not in support of my growth & happiness,” she wrote. “You cannot be a bad friend to someone and then expect them to be a supportive friend back to you. Makes no sense. Sorry.”

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Danielle Olivera & Lindsay Hubbard Have Exchanged Shots at Each Other in Recent Interviews

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Hubbard also expanded more on her position in response to someone else who commented that Hubbard never had Olivera’s back, bringing up the example of Olivera getting a glass of wine thrown at her last season. “Rewatch it babe,” Hubbard replied.

She said no one knew Ciara Miller had thrown a glass at Olivera until they saw it in slow motion and pointed out that she was the only one who went outside afterward …read more

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Lindsay Hubbard Responds to Danielle Olivera’s Podcast Comment

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