Conditions in the San Bernardino mountains were grim during the historic storm that left Californians in emergency mode.

A grocery store in San Bernardino was forced to shutter its doors after a snowstorm caused the roof to collapse, reports say.
The store addressed inquiries about food involved in the incident in a statement on Thursday.
The historic storm damaged thousands of properties and structures in Southern California. 

A Los Angeles-area grocery store is picking up the pieces after a historic winter storm in Southern California caused its roof to collapse.

Goodwin and Sons Market — located in Crestline, California, about 73 miles east of Los Angeles in the San Bernardino Mountains — was one of several structures damaged from rain and snowstorms that pummeled the region this week. The grocery store’s roof buckled under the weight of two feet of snow, a local NBC station reported on Thursday.

Although no injuries were reported, videos of the market show nearly the entire roof of the structure caved in. In a statement shared on Facebook, Goodwin and Sons Market told Crestline residents that the store is too dangerous to enter.

“Many people have questions about the food at the store. We need to make it very clear that it is absolutely unsafe at this time to access the food in the store. It is currently RED TAGGED,” the statement read.

One Crestline resident told CBS that the community was rallying together to keep everyone fed as food becomes increasingly scarce. Another grocery store less than 10 miles away also had its food red-tagged as unsafe by authorities, CBS reported.

“Our only source of food was Goodwins Market, whose roof collapsed,” Crestline resident Greg Plooy told CBS. “So now, we can’t walk to get food for ourselves, or seniors and short-term renters who have no food. We are pooling our food to keep them fed.”

In an earlier statement, the store reported the collapse occurred Tuesday morning as David Goodwin, employees, and a building inspector looked on from outside.  

“After a few tears were shed and few moments to process the store that their father and grandfather built, they stood up dusted off and started making calls to the insurance adjuster and contractor to get the ball rolling on the repairs,” the Facebook post read.

The announcement garnered nearly 300 comments from the community as they mourned the loss and recalled fond …read more

Source:: Business Insider


Southern California grocery store roof collapses under two feet of snow as historic storms tear through region, limiting food for locals

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